Monday, November 28, 2016

Semana (Week) 60: Mom's always right....

Before anything, just trust in your parents when they tell you to wash your fruits and vegetables before eating them.  I had to learn my lesson the hard way.  Since last Saturday, we have been staying home because I got pretty sick.  We had to head to the center of the city to go to the doctor and he sent us to a lab to take some tests (like blood and other stuff).  We returned to him and he sent me to the lab again to take more tests, which took about 3 days.  Then, we returned again to him and finally we came to the conclusion that I have parasites reproducing in my stomach.  Pretty sure it was when we bought some strawberries and just washed them, but didn't disinfect them about a month ago.  Sooooooo, I learned my lesson very well.  You were right, Mom! 

Anyways, other than that, the new initiative came out for Christmas!!! Light the World!! If you haven't seen the video, go right now to see it at  The 1st of december, it has a calendar of what we can do every day to serve others up to tht 25th of December.  If we all join together to do it, for sure we are going to be able to "Light the World". This is the perfect time to learn to forget about ourselves and serve our brothers and sisters, so they can feel the love of Christ through us. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

In 2 days, I complete 14 months! Wow, not sure if I want to be counting the time anymore because the time is getting less and less....haha.  Well, not much else that is going on.  I started learning Portuguese! Tchau!

Hermana Boice

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Semana (Week) 59: Cambios!!

Zone Meeting in Uruapan
Today is cambios! But thankfully we don't have any cambios, i am still with Hermana S. in Zamora.  I am super happy about that, and happy that I will be able to get to see the baptisms of our investigators here. 

We had lots of Meetings this week! Well, just two.  On Thursday we had our Zone Meeting in Zamora, I think it has been the one of the most spiritual meetings I have had in all of my mission. We talked about Obedience and Discipleship. Hermana S. and I have been preparing this for a while, and thinking about it. We also watch the video of Missionary Work and "The Atonement" by Elder Holland.  If you have not watched it, please do. It will make you reflect a lot. And then we made a trip to Uruapan and participated in their Zone Meeting also.

La Mariachi Missionaries!

Also something that I learned today in my study that I have never thought of before. I was reading in 2 Nefi 28 and how Satan tempts us little by little. Like the scripture says, yea, lie a little, dig a pit for thy neighbor, there is no harm in this. These are the things that the prideful churches preach, but it comes directly from Satan. And I thought about how sometimes the mission can be, disobeying the little rules like waking up, exercise, slang....that it is coming directly from Satan.  These little thoughts of nothing will happen, so that we disobey. And when he has success with these little things, then he tries with something a little bit bigger. It made me reflect a lot that we need to be very careful with our actions, because even though they might seen like small things, we know that by small things great things will come to pass. If we are almost obedient, then we will almost receive the blessings. Remember, to always be obedient. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hermana Boice

Zone Meeting Zamora

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Semana (Week) 58: Just got Chilly...BRRRRrrrrrr

Divisions with Hermana R.
Whoo! This week got super cold! The cold came on all at once, one day burning in the sun, the next day it my thickest sweater, gloves, socks, and its been like that ever since.  It's also been raining.  Maybe it will get so cold that it will snow!!!! Who knows...I am getting super excited for Christmas!!!!!

Leaders from my generation.
This week we traveled to the Leadership Counsel in Guadalajara. It was really cool to see how many of the leaders now are from my generation and we were around 27 missionaries.  It's so cool to see the progress in all of them.   

We had an awesome lesson yesterday with Esmerelda!  She told us about all of her feelings and that she is so happy that we are helping her.  Yesterday, we started to teach her and her son how to read and write. I just loved seeing her smile as she was trying to write some letters from the alphabet.  We left that house with a lot of joy.  We have grown to love her so much.  We hope that in 3 weeks she will be baptized.  

My scripture that I have been meditating for this week is 2 Nephi 25:26.....
"y hablamos de Cristo, now regocijamos en Cristo, predicamos de Cristo, profetizamos do Cristo, y escribimos sefun nuestras profecias para que nuestros hijos sepan a que fuente han de acudir para la remision de sus pecados." (And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.)

Just a testimony builder to me that if we want our children to walk in the ways of righteousness, we need to do everything in Christ. Something that we see in the families that we teach, the change that happens when we center our focus in him.  They see the biggest difference in their lives, and its something that we have seen so much in Esmerelda, as she is going to church and teaching her children.  

Hermana Boice

Elders from La Floresta Ward.

Leadership Counsel!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Semana (Week) 57: Day of the Dead=Feliz CumpleaƱos Ambie!!

Been a craaaaaazy week.  We were only able to work 3 days this week in our area, so sad.  Well, on Wednesday was the Day of the Dead here in Mexico, twas also my sister Amberlee`s birthday, aaand we also had to travel to Morelia to have divisions with the Sister Assistants to the President.....Lots of stuff! 

Then, we returned and had divisions with the sisters of Uruapan in our area.  Was a super good day and we got to see lots of people.  On Saturday, we traveled in the morning to Zacapu to have divisions with other sisters.  At the end of the day, we got back to the house and Hermana S. and I crashed on their beds while they were planning and we ended up falling asleep.  They came in, saw us sprawled on their beds, me huddled up hugging a Pikachu pillow and they didn't want to wake us up.  Then, we traveled back Sunday morning and took a taxi to the church at 9 am.  We ended up leaving the church at 7:30 pm, because we had meetings, attended a baptism, ate after, and then we had to meet together to plan an activity..............

Also, super proud of my little sister for her baptism on Saturday! Love you sis! 

We have found some golden investigators.  Esmerelda is a single mom of 3 kids, and her life is super hard.  She sells candy outside of her house to stay afloat.  Her oldest son is 15 years old and has a couple mental problems. She is so desperate that she literally does everything that we tell her that helps, prays, goes to church.  Last Sunday, she didn't have money to take a bus to the church with her 2 kids, so they walked all the way there and 3 hours later they walked back.  Yesterday they were running late and she took a taxi so that they wouldn't be late to church.  It makes me want to cry to she that she is doing everything, so that she can change herself and help her family.

Have a great week everyone, Les Amo Mucho!
Hermana Boice

Found a baby lizard!

Its frozen yogurt, its healthy...