Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Mission Call!

Hola everyone! My name is Chrissa Boice, and I live in Ogden, Utah. I received my mission call on May 7, 2015 to.......(drum roll).............the Mexico Guadalajara East Mission!!!
I was so excited to get my call to Mexico, you have no idea! I will be leaving September 30th.

I didn't always know I was going to go on a mission, in fact, there were many times that I told myself that there was no way. I didn't want to put my life on hold, I might get a really weird place and half to survive on really weird food, have to speak the Khoisan language, the excuses were endless.  But there were also times where I didn't think about all the bad things, I thought of the adventure, the spiritual growth, the abundant blessings for serving the Lord for 18 months. Around Jan-Feb, I finally made the decision that I was going to go on a mission, rather than begin my career as a beautician.  I also decided to be funny, and kept it a secret from everyone I knew up till the day that I actually received my call! Can I just express how HARD that actually is?? Everyone kept asking me, "So what are you going to do after school?", and it took everything for me to not burst and spill the beans.  But now with everyone out it in open, I can finally enjoy preparing.  And now I can ask my mom questions about missionary things and not start it out like, "Hypothetically...if I was going on a mission...which I'm probably not...does our insurance cover us internationally?"

I had a special spiritual experience while receiving my mission call.  I knew without a doubt, that wherever I was going to be sent, it was going to be the place I was supposed to be.  That still didn't subdue all my worries though.  I have never been outside the US, so I really wasn't used to anything else but how I live right now.  I was worried that I wouldn't be strong enough, wouldn't be smart enough to learn a complicated language, that I would end up quitting.  If I didn't put my trust in the Lord and would try to do it all myself, I know that all of that would happen.  We can't do anything on our own, we might be able to give our all, but it will never be enough. Not unless we ask the Lord to help us make up the rest.  The scriptures say that the Lord will never give us a trial that we can't handle.  I agree and disagree.  All trials we go through can be overcome, but not by just us, but by through Christ helping us though.  And so, I would pray every night telling the Lord that I trust him to send me where I'm supposed to go.  But, I couldn't help telling him, if he were to give me a choice, that I wanted Spanish speaking haha.  When I was closer to receiving my call, although I tried not to, I came up with the one place I wanted to go.  Sure enough, when I opened my call, I was surprised to see the place that I had prayed for. Mexico.  I can't say for everyone that the Lord will put you exactly where you want to go, but I can promise that He will put you exactly where you need to be.  All things are by his will, and I knew that completely.  He gave me one of the most amazing tender mercies of my life.  I know that though it will be hard, He will be there with me the entire time. I am so excited to serve these people, and I can't explain how I feel this great love for them when I haven't even met them yet.  But I know that the Lord is preparing them for me, and also preparing me for them.  I have been so blessed, and have seen Christ's hand throughout my entire life, probably preparing me for this work.  I still have to wait two more months, but I will prepare my brains out. And when I am out in the field, I will work with all the might, mind and strength I have in me.

Hermana Boice

P.S. Yes my hair is purple, but don't worry! It washed out a week later :)