Monday, August 29, 2016

Semana (Week) 47: Cambios (transfers)! 11 Meses (months)!

This was the last week that I had in this are but best week that I have had in all of my mission! We worked our tails off every day trying to complete the goals and always work with the Spirit.  I prayed a lot that this week we could see the fruits of our labors.  Quickly came Sunday when we added up all of the numbers, and sat in amazement at what we saw.  We couldn't work one day of the week, tried to do divisions but they fell through. When we saw the numbers, it was a miracle!  We had members present in our lessons more than we have ever had, the most investigators in sacrament meeting, and more lessons in the week that I have had in all of my mission!  When we give our all, the Lord really gives us the miracles. But it really is ALL our ALL.

Right, soooo we had Transfers and we both received our transfers when President Egginton calling us. (And if he calls, then your going to be getting a real good assignment... haha) First, Hermana C. ended her training and now is going to train a new missionary in Acambaro.  And a Sister Training Leader in Zamora now.  Well, I knew that I was going to be a STL, but I had no idea that I was going to go to Zamora.  Now I am a little bit closer to Guadalajara. My new comp is Hermana C.  She was my STL when I got here in the mission with Hermana R.  She is going to be ending her mission this transfer, so I am going to be *killing* her, like I did with Hermana R.  I was so so sad to leave Acambaro!!  I have never felt such a great love for people like this ward.  They gave me time to speak in Sacrament Meeting, and I had to strive really hard not to burst into tears.  One family that we were teaching on my last day was saying goodbye to me.  The son of the mom that is about 21 years old started to give me a hug and I just about shoved him.  Its not personal, but an automatic reaction. I have no idea how its going to be when I return home...haha.

Don't really have too much info right now, because I don't even have 24 hours in my area.  Ohhh! I am soo soo sooo happy about one thing! Hermana C. told me that we don't have any cockroaches in our house!!!!!! Sing praises!!! We were so overrun with them in the old house, that I think that I would have started to have a real phobia.  But its all good, we evetated the phobia!

I'll send pics next week.  I should have a bunch by then! Whoo hoo! I complete 11 months tomorrow!

Hermana Boice

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Semana (Week) 46: Let the Holy Spirit Guide.....

This week we were working really hard.  All work and no play....haha. We have received new goals from the Stake that we need to complete, like 50 lessons every week, 40 of these with a member present in the lesson.  Seriously, when we try to work as hard as we can, there is always so much opposition! For 4 weeks we needed to leave our area to Guadalajara or Morelia for 2 days, every week.  And now the members are not working a whole lot with us to accompany us.  There is always work, school, or busy.  But I have really progressed a lot in my dedication, obedience, and love to do this work.  And although it can be difficult at times, I really feel so content when we are ready to go to sleep, knowing that we worked how the Lord wants us to work.

I have felt the spirit guiding us so much in all of these lessons that we have.  Lupita is one of our investigators that is golden!  Buuuut, she cant come to church because she works on Sundays.  We had an amazing lesson with her to help her see that if she really wants to do what the Lord wants of her, she needs to show her faith and look for another job.  She wanted to stay because in December she receives extra money.  But by the Spirit, we asked her ^Do you really need this money^? and she said NO! She said that she needs God more than she needs money!  I love what the Spirit can do to people!

Well! Transfers are next week.  I am feeling two things...I feel like I am either going to stay here in Acambaro, or I am going to go to a ward in the same stake that is called Tarimbaro.  Really who knows? I could go to the other side of the mission, but I have a feeling about these two.  I will let you all know next week when I find out!!

Les Amo Mucho!!!
Hermana Boice

PS. If I am going to go to another area, I will be really said to leave the bread from Acambaro. I love it so much!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Semana (Week) 45: Daily Miracles!!

The best zone in the world!
Wow, lots and lots of things have happened this week! We had to go to Guadalajara on Wednesday, because I had to sign for my visa.....which means I almost have a year in the misson šŸ˜Ø.  We got a little lost heading to the office and we started to hed back to our area a little late.  So we had to stay in Morelia, which was a good thing, because little did we know that I was invited to a Conference for District Leaders and Future Sister Training Leaders in the morning in Morelia, plus we had another meeting with the AP´s after.  Remember when I was in divisions about a month ago?  While I worked in this area, I felt like I was going to be going there the next transfer.  Well, its an area for only Sister Training Leaders and I just got invited to a meeting for the Future STL´s.......hmmmmm, interesting.....

This week I was studing Alma 13:3. 
"Y Ʃsta es la manera conforme a la cual fueron ordenados, habiendo sido llamados y preparados desde la fundacion del mundo de acuerdo con la presciencia de Dios, por causa de su fe excepcional y buenas obras, habiƩndoseles concedido primeramente escoger el bien o el mal, por lo que habiendo escogido el bien y ejecido una fe sumamente grande, son llamados con un santo llamaminto si con ese sandto llamamiento que con una redencion preparatoria y de conformidad con ella, se dispuso para tales seres. "

It's talking about the plan of salvation, but I have been also able to apply it to me as a missionary.  I know that my decision to serve a mission wasn't just a random decision that I made here.  I know that since before the world was, we chose our lives and what we would do, what we would endure.  I know that I had made the decision to serve a mission beforehand and I was prepared to serve one, with things that I have experienced thus far in my life.

I have begun to see some really awesome changes in my mission.  I feel like I am starting to see little miracles every day.  Like in lessons when the spirit prompts me or my companion to say or ask something, and the other receives the same revelation.  I feel the spirit so much stronger in the lessons and I really do feel guided by the spirit in what to say and do.  I have felt my testimony grow so much more through the lessons we teach and feel greater charity for all of the people.  I have also seen so many changes in myself.  I feel so much more motivated to work as hard as we can.  I feel the desire to be strictly obedient in all things.  I really love what the mission is doing to me! :)

I am so so so happy, because I am starting to see the fruit of my labors.  In the past 3 weeks, there have been 3 baptisms in Tlaquepaque, my old area, and all of them were people that I found with my companions, like Keyla!! She just got baptized this last week.  I really can't describe the joy that I feel for them.  To me, it doesn't even matter that they are not ¨my converts¨, but I am so grateful the other missionary´s were about to help them take this step. SO HAPPY!!!!

I don't even have any more words to say, because I'm so happy! :D

Love you all!
Hermana Boice

A little craft that I have been working on for a while for my District. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Semana (Week) 44: The Miracles of Hard Work!

For the week I was studying Mosiah 24:15:

"Y aconteciĆ³ que las cargas que se imponĆ­an sobre Alma y sus hermanos fueron aliviados, si , el SeƱor los fortaleciĆ³ de modo que pudieron soportar sus cargas con facilidad y se sometieron alegre y pacientemente a toda la voluntad del SeƱor".

I love this scripture because we can apply it a lot to ourselves.  When we have our burdens, the Lord can strengthen us so that they are light and we don't feel them.  He will never take them away, like sometimes we want him to do, but he will give us the strength

we need to overcome them if we ask.  

This week was probably one of the best weeks I have ever had on my mission.  We made the goal as a companionship to work with everything that we had and as hard as we could to complete the Stakes' goals of 50 lessons every week.  Even though we tried as hard as we could, a lot of the members canceled the divisions we planned or we didn't even have members present in our lessons.  We were literally calling everyone that we could. But, at the end of the week, we achieved 30 lessons in the week with only 5 hours that we did divisions on one day.  The other two weeks we were having around 17 or 19.  Even though its not 50, we know that we can improve and eventually achieve it, or if not, the highest that we can.  And the Lord has really helped us!  When we put in our part and our effort, he takes care of everything else that we cant. Something that I have begun to comprehend more and more in the mission.

Yesterday, was probably the most spiritual day that I have had in all of my mission.  I felt the spirit so much during church that I was dead tired crawling into my bed last night.  We went to pick up two investigators to go to church in the morning.  Maria is Catholic, knows that the church is true, but doesn't want to leave her habits.  Yesterday was the first time she has gone to church and went up and bore her testimony in front of everyone that she knows that its true, that she feels such a peace and love in her heart!  Areli told us the day before that she also prayed to know if the church is true.  She had such a beautiful special experience and felt such a great love and peace in her heart.  While she was listening to the testimony's, she began to cry, feeling the spirit so strong.  I also cried myself, which really hasn't happened much on the mission.  I felt the spirit so so strong and I couldn't hold back my tears.  I am so grateful for my God, and for the priceless opportunity that I have here.  

With lots of love,
Hermana Boice

Monday, August 1, 2016

Semana (Week) 43: Pants......THEY ARE AWESOME! 10 Months in the Miss!

Finally wearing pants...
This last week was the first week that we started using our pants.  It was weird for the first 5 minutes and after, sooooo comfortable! Now we can run, and jump, and sit wherever we want, life it just easier.  But, now I look at my companion and have to do a double take, and ask," We are still missionaries, right?"  Ya, that is new.  Now all of the members think that we are being disobedient.... haha.  This last Tuesday and Wednesday, we had divisions with our sister training leaders in Tarimbaro for 2 days. I really enjoyed being in their area. I felt such a great love for the people that we taught and that I didn't know.  I kinda felt like my next transfer I will be going there. But we will see what happens.

Couple funny stories.  We were walking back to our house at night, and an investigator gave us a corn on the cob.  I was so hungry that I starting unraping it in the street while walking home.  I was about to take a big bite out of it when 2 kids stopped us to sell candy.  One kid said ¨Can you give me a bite out of your corn?¨  So I just handed it to him.  So close.......  Other day we were knocking on doors.  One opened his door and as soon as he saw us he slammed it.  Another, wewere about a centimeter away from getting eaten by a huge dog that was hidden.  And yet another,  we asked if he believed in Christ, and he said.¨'s that I am Satanic....¨ And we just left as soon as we could.

Also, we have had to leave some investigators that just were not progressing. Its really sad to do it, but its obvious that Satan is working really hard.  So we have to double our fuerzas tambien. 

Love you all!!!!!

Hermana Boice

10 months and counting....but loving it!