Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Semana (Week) 38: There is no High nor Low, only Forward and Behind

Hola Hola Hola!!!

One of the biggest hills that we climb in our area :P
Well, this week has been a bit difficult, but we are pressing forward.  We really didn't have many lessons this weeks and there were a lot of members that couldn't accompany us to our lessons.  But really truly, I feel the spirit so strong in our lessons.  I see these people when we come, and then when we leave.  Every time, they are a little bit different.  I can see the progress in them and it is something so beautiful!  Even if the progress in our area can be really slow, it is happening.  I know that we will be able to accomplish great things in this area.

First things first, this whole week we have been teaching our investigators that we can really see that they are chosen.  And every single one accepted a baptismal date.  On Saturday, we had a total of 9 dates for baptism.  We had some really high hopes for Sunday that they would all come.  But sadly, not even one came to church.  I have to admit I was actually really sad.  We had tried to work really hard with them, helping them recognize their answers to their prayers, helping them to be excited to go to church, and not even one came.  But, this has just been a learning experience for me that things can't always happen the way that I want it to.  Now, I just need to work harder and help them so that they will have the desire to come to church.

But some good news!! Anny, one of our older investigators, called us and told us that she is ready, ready, ready to be baptized.  Before, there was some reasons why she couldn't, but now yes!!!! She will be baptized July 9th!!  Also, our investigator Guadalupe is really really ready also to be baptized.  She hasn't been able to come to church because her boss wouldn't let her leave for an hour.  But now she told us that she is going to leave this job and find another, so that she can come to church!!!!!  Also, its super awesome her sister is a member, and her nephew is on his mission right now....and in Ogden Utah!!!  Its a small world!  His name is Elder Rojas.  He has permission to Skype us and help us teach 2 of her lessons, and to see her baptism!!! 

I learned how to make home-made tortillas!! Literally, only corn and water, but soooo goood!
Love you all!!
Hermana Boice

Our Zone activity.  We are 3 generations! My trainer and now I am training! And we are the Mexican Flag!! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Semana (Week) 37: Cockroaches and Rain.....

This has been a really really good week!! First, because now it isn't really hot because it's raining almost every day.  And will continue to rain until September I think.

This whole week was full of plans, divisions, and fall throughs.  Hermana C. and I really worked our tails off this week.  Almost all the plans that we had daily fell through, sometimes with just 1 or 2 lessons a day. But, it was also amazing that every day we found new investigators and had really powerful lessons filled with the Spirit. We had 5 people that accepted a baptismal date and received their answer during the lesson that this is the true church.  And in almost every lesson we had members accompanying us.  Sadly, no one came to church on Sunday, but we are going to really try for next week :)

 Now for my two cockroach stories. I got home and was putting on my pjs, and felt something fall down my shirt, and looked to find a cockroach crawling around, I freaked out a bit.  And I found one today suuuuuper big, like the size of a lime, and I took a milk container and started to beat it until it died.

Love you all!!!
Hermana Boice

Monday, June 13, 2016

Semana (Week) 36: Pants? New Companion!!!

New Trainers
Here I am in Acambaro with my new companion that I am training, Hermana C.! It was awesome because when all of the trainers and new missionaries were all together, we both sat next to each other, because we felt like we were going to be companions.  Hermana C. is from Quintanaró, its like 4 hours from Cancun and it is suuuuuper hot there.  Thankfully the weather is starting to cool down a bit because its rainy season, and it is going to be raining every day this week.  I need an umbrella.

After a lot of traveling, we made it back to Acambaro on Wednesday and started working. We had an amazing week!!!  We found two new investigators this week, and in the first lesson, they felt like the church was true, and they both committed to a baptismal date.  I loved seeing them receive their answer right in the moment from the spirit!
New companion, Hermana C.
Also, some biiiig biiiiig Biggggg news! Now, as sister missionaries, we are going to be wearing dress pants or long skirts, hats, and sunglasses!  The reason is because we need more protection from the sun and mosquitoes. Its going to be a little hard getting used to it....

Solo quiero share a scripture.......¨El hijo del Hombre ha descendido debajo de todo ello. Eres tu mayor que èl?¨(I just want to share a scripture .....The Son of Man hath descended below all. Are thou greater than he?).

Siempre necesito recordarme que las cosas que pasen en mi vida realmente es nada que ver con el sufrimiento de Jesucristo. A veces pensamos Porque eso? Porque estoy pasando eso? y sentimos que nostoros deserve more than what is happening in our lives (I always need to remember that the tough things that happen in my life really are nothing compared to suffering of Jesus Christ. At times we wonder why? Why am I experiencing this? And we feel that we deserve more than what is happening in our lives).  But we always need to recordar que Jesus sufriò lo mas, y fue tan humilde hacer lo. Y nosotos nunca podemos ser major que él (But we always need to remember that Jesus suffered the Most and He did it humbly and willingly. We will never be greater than him.)

Love you all!!!
Hermana Boice

Monday, June 6, 2016

Semana (Week) 35: Cambios!!

Our Zone had a little lunch together! Burgers!!!
This week has been a bit of a roller coaster! First off, we have cambios (transfers), and Hermana R. ended her mission and went home! It was super sad to see her go, and she really didn't want to go home, she wanted to stay in the mission so bad! But we were separated on Friday and she went to Guadalajara.  I stayed with Hermana D. who is from my generacion. She is in the area Acueducto, so I stayed there until Sunday. Then I found out my cambios.  I am going to be training a new missionary that is going to be coming from the MTC.  I have felt for a while that this assignment was going to come.  So this morning, I traveled from Acueducto to Guadalajara, which is like 5 hours in bus.  We got here at 2 and went straight into a meeting with President Egginton and the trainers.  There are 8 of us that are going to be training for 3 months.  Tomorrow we are going to be finding out who is our new companions!! So I will let you all know next week!
Granddaughter of Guadalupe is showing me her juice,
and I ripped my dress before our lesson, awkward...

On Tuesday, we had an amazing lesson with one of our new investigators Guadalupe.  She really wants to know what is the truth, and has been looking for a while.  On Tuesday, we talked about the Restoration.  The spirit was so strong during the lesson.  She told us that she felt like her heart was burning and that she felt such a peace when we taught her.  We helped her realize it was the Holy Ghost that was telling her that this is the truth.  She told us that she knows it is the truth and she has a baptism date for July 9!!!!!  I heard that she went to church this Sunday and went up and BORE HER TESTIMONY that the church is TRUE!!!!! I was so sad that I couldn't be there, but I am so very happy for her!!!

Just want to share a quick scripture.....“Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted” (Isaiah 53:4)  With this scripture, I learned many things. Before I really didn't understand very well exactly what it was trying to say. I learned that stricken means to suffer the emotional pain of having leprosy. And if someone in older times had leprosy, it was as if it showed their sins and that they deserved it. And this is how the people viewed him, of his sacrifice, that he deserved the suffering that he did for us. Smitten of God means that the world believes that Christ received his afflictions because it was a punishment from God. As humans, we really can't comprehend the great sacrifice he did.  From all the things that he suffered, from the things that we did. And in the way that people live, act, think now, they push aside this great gift and look at it like it was nothing and they don't need it. It really does make me sad that people could think these things of him. But I am so very grateful for the humility that he had to do this sacrifice for us!

Love you all and have a good week!!!!!
Hermana Boice

When someone ends the mission they die, and because I was her last companion, I killed her!