Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Semana (Week) 37: Cockroaches and Rain.....

This has been a really really good week!! First, because now it isn't really hot because it's raining almost every day.  And will continue to rain until September I think.

This whole week was full of plans, divisions, and fall throughs.  Hermana C. and I really worked our tails off this week.  Almost all the plans that we had daily fell through, sometimes with just 1 or 2 lessons a day. But, it was also amazing that every day we found new investigators and had really powerful lessons filled with the Spirit. We had 5 people that accepted a baptismal date and received their answer during the lesson that this is the true church.  And in almost every lesson we had members accompanying us.  Sadly, no one came to church on Sunday, but we are going to really try for next week :)

 Now for my two cockroach stories. I got home and was putting on my pjs, and felt something fall down my shirt, and looked to find a cockroach crawling around, I freaked out a bit.  And I found one today suuuuuper big, like the size of a lime, and I took a milk container and started to beat it until it died.

Love you all!!!
Hermana Boice

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