Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Semana (Week) 59: Cambios!!

Zone Meeting in Uruapan
Today is cambios! But thankfully we don't have any cambios, i am still with Hermana S. in Zamora.  I am super happy about that, and happy that I will be able to get to see the baptisms of our investigators here. 

We had lots of Meetings this week! Well, just two.  On Thursday we had our Zone Meeting in Zamora, I think it has been the one of the most spiritual meetings I have had in all of my mission. We talked about Obedience and Discipleship. Hermana S. and I have been preparing this for a while, and thinking about it. We also watch the video of Missionary Work and "The Atonement" by Elder Holland.  If you have not watched it, please do. It will make you reflect a lot. And then we made a trip to Uruapan and participated in their Zone Meeting also.

La Mariachi Missionaries!

Also something that I learned today in my study that I have never thought of before. I was reading in 2 Nefi 28 and how Satan tempts us little by little. Like the scripture says, yea, lie a little, dig a pit for thy neighbor, there is no harm in this. These are the things that the prideful churches preach, but it comes directly from Satan. And I thought about how sometimes the mission can be, disobeying the little rules like waking up, exercise, slang....that it is coming directly from Satan.  These little thoughts of nothing will happen, so that we disobey. And when he has success with these little things, then he tries with something a little bit bigger. It made me reflect a lot that we need to be very careful with our actions, because even though they might seen like small things, we know that by small things great things will come to pass. If we are almost obedient, then we will almost receive the blessings. Remember, to always be obedient. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hermana Boice

Zone Meeting Zamora

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