Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 19: Knock Knock.......Who's There?.......Typhoid

First time at a Mexico hospital.
Well, I thought that my sickness was over, but it decided to come back and visit me all this week.  We were in a District Meeting on Wednesday and my face was super red and hot, and started feeling a headache come on again.  We decided to go to the hospital.  They gave me a check up and took some blood, and told me to come back the next day.  So we went to the pharmacy to pick up some medication, and went back to the house and stayed there until the next day.  We went back and sat in the doctors office, and waited for my results.  We found out that I have Typhoid.  Yay! We had thought that maybe I got it from something I ate in the street, but the doctor said that usually the symptoms show themselves around 8 hours after you eat something, and we had not eaten in the street for a week.  So, we think it was probably from food from a members house. The doctor gave me some more medications and a week of rest in the house. Poor Hermana L. is really stir-crazy, and super happy that we are back to work this week.  Sooooo, there is really not much to report this week, because we did nothing haha.  

On Saturday, we had a meeting with our mission leader in the night, but I couldn't leave, so we had to call the sister training leaders to come and do a split with us.  It was pretty late, so they ended up staying the night.  So we had 6 hermanas in our tiny apartement.  It was chaos.  And then the next day I spent my time cutting hair of
Hermana R. and her new haircut!
She looks really happy about it....?
three hermanas.  Hermana R. has really pretty long hair, and she has been thinking about a change.  So we all peer-pressured her into cutting her hair short.  It was super cute, but i don't know if she regretted her decision after or not.

I really enjoyed church yesterday.  I felt like the whole day was spiritually filling, with a lot of things to ponder. It truly is a time that we need to prepare for the rest of the week. Sometimes we may think that we can get through the week on our own, and it is true.  But it will not be a week with the Spirit, or help from the Lord.  If we want to enjoy our weeks, we need to start it out right, by keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  I know that we receive so many blessings when we keep this commandment.  Maybe we need to sacrifice watching our weekly TV shows or our homework and spend time with our family, but we also need to ask ourselves, what is more important?

I love you all and have a good Valentines Day!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Boice

Sorry that the photo is late, but Happy Late Birthday Dad!!!!
Hermana T. did the Cuarto de kilo challenge! She is the second women to ever do it there and first sister missionary!
From right to left,
Hermano M. (our mission leader), Hermano C. (a member that always accompanies us to lessons), Antonio and Keyla (she is our golden investigator, we love them so much!)

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