Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 18: Murphy's Law and 4 months!


I am sure you are all wondering where I am, and who my companion is.  The hard and harsh reality is that I am now is Làzaro Càrdenas, the hottest and most humid part of the mission, I have been called to train a new missionary, and my new companion doesnt like americans, so she has not talked to me yet for a day.

I got ya didn't I? haha, thankfully, none of that is true!  I am still in Tlaquepaque and Hermana L. is still my companion!! It truly is a tender mercy for me.  For the past couple weeks, all I heard from my leaders and everyone was that I was going to train a new missionary, which scared me to death! In the future, I do feel like I will, but I didn't feel ready yet.  So for these past weeks I have been on my knees begging to not train, that I can stay with Hermana L. a little longer.  I truly do have a strong testimony about prayer.  I know that the Lord does not answer all of our prayers the way that we want, but when it's a true desire of our hearts, he listens.

So, remember how last week I was bragging that I haven't been sick yet? Well, the knock on wood didn't work. This last Wednesday we were at a members house at about 8:00 pm, when I started to feel super hot.  My face was super red and I had a bad headache.  They drove us back to the house and I didn't sleep at all that night. The next day in the morning, I threw up but after a bit I started to feel better.  but when we got to a members house for lunch, I started to feel really sick again.  Hermana L. kept saying that my face was really white, to which I said, "Pues sì, soy americana" But she meant that I was really pale.  I ended up spending 2 hours on their couch sleeping, and then we had to go to our Mini CCM activity at the church that was till 9.  I am sure that I was white as a ghost throughout all of it, and I really couldn't focus the whole time.  I ended up staying home Friday and Saturday.But thankfully I am all better now! We both figured that I felt better when I started raiding our fridge and cabinets for food in the night. :-)

New Hermana roomates.
I passed my 4 month mark whoohooo!! I am getting there.  Hermana D. left :( but its super funny because her companion in the MTC, Hermana S. is now coming to be companions with Hermana G. We have two hermanas that are living in our house right now because they are opening up a new area, but don't have a house, yet.  So they are going to stay with us. 

Funny short story, we were in a bus, and a guy a couple rows behind us pulled out his phone, and started talking into it in English, really really loud, "Hey Bro, ya, I´m just on a bus right now, ya, are we going to look at an apartment? Ya bro, im just in the bus......" It was realllllly obvious that he was faking it all, haha.

Well, that's pretty much all to report on this week, I think it's also because I have forgotten everything else, I cant even remember what I ate yesterday for lunch. I think all the gospel related stuff is taking over all of the other stuff in my brain.

Les amo!! Hasta luego!
Hermana Boice

In the mission, when someone ends their mission, they are 'dead'.  Elder M. ended his mission, so we had a little time for mourning.

I made a new friend, but he's not really the huggy type. (I took a picture with the house behind me also, it looks like something out of a spy movie).

I am in bread heaven!

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