Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 28: Chapala!

I forgot to say that I completed 6 months in the mission like almost 2 weeks ago.  So, yaaay! And I completed 5 months here in Tlaquepaque.  We are going to be having cambios in 2 weeks, and I feel like I am going to be saying goodbye to my first area :(  But new places and new adventures!

Mystery meat that was smuggled out in a baggy...
Two stories about food this week.  First, we were eating with a member, and at the end of it, we found out that the meat was cow heart.  But then I heard later that it was horse heart.  I really don't know which one to believe, but we ate one of those.  It was actually good.  The second, we ate at one house and she doesn't really cook very good.  The food was so bad that we had to sneak some of the food into a bag and stuff it in our bags. See the evidence to the side of this???
Today we went to Chapala, the land of the Americans! It's about half and half there, lots of things are in English. Tlaquepaque and Chapala are the most touristy spots in my mission. Fun fact, be grateful for public bathrooms and that they are free!!!  If you need to use the bathroom, be sure to have 5 pesos ready, or else you can't go.  Yes... you have to pay for your toilet paper and to use the bathroom. Ugh!

Love you all, and talk to you next week!!

Hermana Boice

Land of the American's in Mexico.

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