Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 27: Happy Birthday Preston!

A big happy birthday to my brother Preston who turned 10! 2 digits now! 

This week has been full of experiences.  First off, we had no water in our house for almost 3 days, and we live 4 girls in our tiny house, that love taking showers every day.  There was always a little bit of a drizzle from the shower, so we just ended up taking bucket showers.  

We had General Conference on Saturday and Sunday which was the best! We invited all of our investigators and less actives to go.  We showed up on Saturday at 9:30 to find absolutely no one, and the church was very dirty.  We started to clean it, and the secretary showed up at 10 when conference starts and found out that we didn't have the cables we needed to use the projector, so they went out to buy them while we waited.  We had the idea to watch on the computer in the office while we waited, but it was locked, so we walked to one of the members houses who had keys.  I had to watch it in Spanish, which was a little hard.  It was hard to focus a bit.  But we found a laptop to use for English, and Hermana S. and I went to watch in English.  After 10 minutes, the secretary came back and needed the laptop, so we had to go back to watching it in Spanish.  They put the Spanish up on the projector, and we moved to that room, but we couldn't watch in English because they needed the computer in the office to do some stuff. And it was only us 4 missionary`s who showed up.  That was how that day ended.  Sunday more people showed up...thank goodness, and our new investigators Hector, Diana, and their 5 kids came also!! I watched the first session in Spanish, but watched the second in English, which I was thankful for (Hollands talk was awesome!)

Later that day, we were walking in the street, and a lady came up to us, and was reaaaaaly excited to see me. She called me Hermana Joyce, and started talking super fast and weird about how she knows us, wants to listen to us, and wants us to come to her house RIGHT NOW. We were a little weirded out, but we said that we could talk to her for a bit.  Out of gratitude, she grabbed my face and put a big kiss on my cheek and started to push us in the direction of her house.  The weirdest thing that happened was when she was talking to me, she grabbed my arm and put her arm through it and we kept walking.  I am sure my face was very clear to Hermana H. that I was starting to feel a little hesitant.  The whole time she was talking under her breath a bit like a crazy person. ¨Yes, you are going to come to my house, we are going to talk about God, yes, we are going to talk, you are going to come, we are going to talk....¨ When we got to the house, she was pushing us in, ¨come in Joyce, come in, sit here Joyce, come in, sit here, I am going to get water, sit here Joyce, come in....¨ That was when I looked at Hermana H. with the look of, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE.  She told me to get behind her and said that we had an appointment, and that we will come by some other day.  The Lady started getting desperate, ¨No, sit here we need to talk, sit here.¨  But long story short, we left, but before I left, she asked me if she can give me another kiss, to which I just held out my hand to shake and practically started running from the house.

Today we had a Zone activity, which was in another area Reforma.  We decided to take a taxi, and after a while we got a little lost.  The taxi driver stopped the car to ask people for directions and that was when we felt a huge bump from behind.  A guy on a bike ran into us, and him and the taxi driver started to fight a lot.  But thankfully we arrived at the activity.

That was about it this week, but I will talk to you all the next week!!!

Love Hermana Boice

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