Monday, September 12, 2016

Semana (Week) 49: Long Short-Cuts, the Sun is HOT, and other Interesting Things...

Hola  Hola!

Today we are going to Uruapan, to go to a Zone Meeting. It's not our stake, but we are the leaders of the sisters that are there.  Tomorrow we have a talk and after we are going to do divisions with them... My first divisions!! Scary as a leader!  But ya, things are going to be super hectic this week, and we aren't going to return until Wednesday in the afternoon.  Then, Friday we have our Multi Zone meeting with President and then we are going to leave for Zacapu to do other divisions with sisters.  We return in Saturday in afternoon.  We are only going to be working like 2 full days in our area! 

Our Leader Counsel in Guadalajara! Got to see lots of my friends!
Funny story time.  We were walking on the sidewalk in the shade, and my comp started to cross the street in the sun.  I felt so hot and burned from the sun that I really didnt want to leave the shade.  I turned and started hugging the side of a house I was facing, saying I didn't want to leave the shade.  Then my comp said, "Hermana! Don't touch the house! there is a sign that says don't touch the house!"  I thought she was joking so I just stayed where I was huggin' the house, which cooled me down a bit. "Seriously Hermana! There is a sign!"  Little did I know that there was actually a sign until she started reading it.  "Don't Touch, Scratch or Stain. There are surveillance cameras and you will be reprimanded for it"... that was when we ran.  Sure hope they didn't get a good look at us, although my hair is not to hard to find in Mexico.

Yesterday, was a bit of a long day.  First, it was Stake Conference and the member of the 70 that was invited brought a knife and showed all of us this knife at the pulpit to make a point that what he was going to say may hurt a bit.  After that it was a little rough. We got to work, and we didn't have a single lesson alllll day. The whole day we walked and walked and walked like the pioneers (I got to experience maybe a tiny bit of what they felt).  At one point, we had to travel about a mile to the next place, but we decided to take a "Short Cut" which ended up being the Longest Cut we could have taken.  We live and we learn.  We got back to the house by the end of the day, and I surprisingly felt good, even though we didn't have much success. Who are we to tell God how the day should be and what should happen, and he gives us these little tests to see how humble and grateful we really are. I am grateful to have these little tests to make me better :)

Love you all!!!
Hermana Boice

Some youth made this!!!! Isn't it awesome??

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