Monday, September 26, 2016

Semana (Week) 51: HE GOT BAPTIZED!!

The best thing happened this week! Pablo got baptized!! It was a little chaotic getting everything ready, but in the end, everything was good.  His biological parents told us that they were going to make it to the baptism.  So we tried waiting for them, but when it came time for the baptism, we couldn't wait any longer.  About 15 minutes after, they showed up! They told us that they got caught in the rain.  But they still came! They also have so many desires to be baptized and soon they will be able to in October.  They told us that there two other sons that are having lots of problems told them that if they get baptized, they will start going to church.  Maybe there are all going to get baptized in different times, but its amazing to see this chain reaction that is happening all because of a little 10 year old boy.

Something that my loving companion did to me this week.  We were in our personal study one morning, and a huge cockroach ran out of my scriptures and went under the table.  I left the room for a little time, and came back.  My comp told me that she killed the cockroach.  So I sat down in my chair again, with a breath of relief and started reading my scriptures again.  About 5 seconds later, she started to laugh, and that worried me a lot...I knew that she did something.  I stood up and looked at my chair and found the dead cockroach....I had been sitting on.  She thought that would be funny.  She is just so loving right?

This week I was meditating the scripture in Hebrews 5:8, "y aunque era Hijo, por lo que padeciĆ², aprendiĆ² la obediencia."  I never really thought of it this way, that Christ learned how to be perfectly obedient, because he had so many trials and opportunities for him to learn to be obedient. For us to learn obedience, it means that there is a choice involved, opposition. If everything was just perfect all the time, without us having the opportunity to choose between right and wrong, we would never learn how to choose what is right. If I know that alcohol is something that we should never drink, but I have never seen it in my life and never around it, then it would be super easy to *choose* to not drink. But the real obedience that we show is when we have all of the bad influences around us all the time, and we choose to be obedient. Even when the temptation is so prevalent and so desirable, we choose to love God more. And from all of the things that Christ had to suffer, which was everything, he learned to be perfectly obedient.

I hope that everyone is getting ready for General Conference this week! Prepared spiritually with questions that you need answered, Ive already got mine! :) 

Love you all!
Hermana Boice

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