Thursday, February 2, 2017

Semana (Week) 69: Semana Loca! 16 Meses! (Crazy week 16 months!)

So we started out this week with Divisions on Tuesday with our sisters of Acueducto.  I got to go to their area and oh boy! I got a good workout there with all of their hills.  Next day, we went to the Stake, because it was our Worldwide Capasitation from the 12 apostles about missionary work.  Some interesting changes in our schedule for the day.  Then, we went straight to do divisions with the Sister Assistants.  I was with Hermana U. and we were in the MTC together.  We got to talk a lot about the mission, and our progress and everything :)

On Friday, we had our Interviews with President in the Stake.  My next interview with him will be my last.  Neither of us liked the sound of that. In the evening, we had to go back to the Stake for the choir for Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  That all went very well.  Elder Belus (70), was invited to our conference, and it was very very special.  He brought the spirit so strong with all of his experiences of sharing the gospel.  On Sunday at 9, was a little meeting for all of the Ex Missionaries.  We thought ¨Hey, in like 2 months ill be one, lets go!¨  So we went and they talked about what are the most important things we need to do when we end the mission. One thing that stayed in my mind, was when they said, if we look back in the past, we are not worthy of God (scripture somewhere in the Bible).  So when we end the mission, we don't need to always think back on it and miss it, we need to continue moving forward. And that can be with any thing that we think ¨If only I could have done this¨ ¨what would have happened if I...¨  We can't stay in the past, we have to look to the future, because the past doesn't bring us happiness, but the future does.  :)

Hermana Boice

Zone Activity!!!

All the hills we walked.

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