Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Semana (Week) 68: Probably should eat an apple a day, to keep the doc away!

Field trip to the doctors.
Sooooo, this week has been a bit slow.  Got pretty sick on Monday, and have been sick ever since (more stomach probs...yay!)  Went to the doc on Thursday and he gave me a pharmacy to take home with me.  We traveled about 30 min to get to the hospital and then I found out that I didn't have my health insurance card, so we had to go all the way back to the house and return to the hospital again.  Wednesday, I could at least leave the house to work as much as we could and we had divisions on Friday with the sisters in Manantiales.  It was a very sweet blessing that I felt very good physically this day, because I was praying so much to be able to feel good to do divisions.  

We have 2 new investigators, one of them is a police man.  We met him on the street one night, and we gave our number to him.  He CALLED us, which NEVER happens.  We taught him in the church and it seems like he is looking for lots of answers.

BEST NEWS EVER! They finally called a bishop in our ward! There hasn't been a bishop for more than 2 years, so everyone was really happy about it.  We are also in the Choir for Stake Conference, so we have been dedicating time for that.

Now the WORST NEWS EVER! I got my flight intinerary :.( Ok, its not the worst news ever, haha, but certainly surprised me a lot, the time is going by really fast.

Love you all!! Tengan una semana feliz!

Hermana Boice

Un Alambre!! (Heart Attack on a Plate)

Tacos de Pastor for 3 pesos! This is prob the reason I have health problems....

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