Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chrissa's 3rd week and Half Way in MTC!

Querido Todos!

        Holy cow! How time fly's! I'm officially half way through my first ´'transfer´'.  I fell like I have been at the CCM for months, but I also feel like I got here just last week!  
        Thank you so much everyone for sending me letter's.  You have no idea how awesome it is to receive a physical letter, its like its Christmas!  Remember like 10 years ago an email was such a exciting thing to get instead of mail?  Now when you receive a physical letter its the best thing since corn tortillas! Which are amazing by the way!
        So the Spanish is really coming along.  We have been teaching Adrián all last week, and have switched back to Ivan, our first investigator.  The last lesson that we taught Adrián was enduring to the end.  It really didn't start out very well, but about halfway into the lesson, the Spirit was so strong.  He was asking us about why he had trials.  ´'If God loves me, why do I have a disease?´' That can be a very difficult question to answer.  We explained to him that in this life, in order for there to be happiness, there has to also be an opposite.  We all suffer through something.  What was really cool, is that after the lesson, Hermano O.  (Adrián) told us that we actually taught him something.  We think about Jesus Christ, and how is completely perfect, he is the God of this world.  If someone so powerful as him, someone that has the power to do anything, had to suffer more than anyone that has ever lived because he loved us so much,  how is it that we still blame God for our suffering?  Ask him why it is that we suffer?  It is because suffering is apart of this life. So anyway, that was super awesome.
         So this past Sunday, was the first normal Sunday we have had here.  First Sunday was General Conference, and the next was fast Sunday.  We came at a perfect time actually.  So every Sunday, everyone is given a topic to make a 5 min talk in Spanish to speak with on Sunday.  Than they will choose you randomly during the meeting to come up and speak.  I got lucky and wasn't called haha!  This Sunday's topic is the Sabbath Day and keeping it holy.  It was actually super nice to not have to speak because I felt like I was doing everything else.  A big thanks to Sister Laurie Long for teaching me piano!  Because here, I think the definition of 'Hermana' is 'pianist'.  I played two hymns during sacrament, sang a duet with Hermana W. and the Brand President wanted a certain song to be played during his talk, sooooo that was me too.  Fun times!
           I was thinking before I came to Mexico that it would be just perfect, sunny weather, so I brought one sweater.  It is so stinken cold!! The mornings and evening are cold!! The afternoons are pretty much perfect though.  Hopefully it wont get any worse.  
           MOM: Just a warning! This might make you anxious! So ever since I got here, I hear fireworks all day everyday.  Pretty much every day in Mexico is a holiday, so randomly throughout the day and night, they just set off these fireworks.  Its really pointless to me, because you can't even see them in the day.  But it makes it hard because I can't tell what is a firework and what it a gun shot haha.
          I came up with an awesome joke the other day!! You will only get it if you speak Spanglish.  
         ´'What did the Latino say when he threw a chair off a cliff??´'         ................´'See ya!!´' (hahaha silla is chair in spanish!)  
         Funny story yesterday, so me and Hermana J., W., and K. were heading to the bathroom, and the girls bathroom was closed off.  Sooooooo we stood guard at the men's bathroom and used it instead.  It was really awkward when we came out to see all the elders waiting.........
          So last week I sent a picture of all the floor's pulled up and some sheets were hidden under.  We found out that you can rip up the whole floor, and past district put stuff under there or do little treasure maps like 'find the tie'.  When we saw the sheets, I thought there would be a dead body, but there wasn't so its all good!!
          Love you all!
       Hermana Boice

Another pic of our district, we found this cardboard Jesus.  Apparently there are 4 in the whole CCM, so we want to find them all!

I just think was funny.  I was super cold!

They took one of the floor tiles and wrote about their district.  Its all good! There are a lot that are like this!

The thing on the right is so delicious, and I found a knock off of Twinky, haha.

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