Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Super Duper Mega Bien Week!

Hola Todos!

    It is crazy to think that I have been here two weeks already! Every week we have new missionaries coming in , and I just think back to my first day.  Although I prefer not to think too much about it, that day kinda stunk.  But its all great now!! I've gotten into a good routine.  

So, lots happened this week! My companion was practically on her death bed for the last couple days.  Last week we had to go to the Enfermería because she was feeling super sick during General Conference.  Last Thursday we were giving our lesson to our "Investigator" Ivan (who ended up becoming our teacher after the lessons ended.  they all tried to keep it a secret, but we all knew from day one) And Hermana J. was feeling really dizzy so we ended up going to the Enfermería again and went to our casa (house) for the rest of the night.  She ended up getting much worse and neither of us got any sleep.  We stayed at the casa until around 1:00 pm when a nurse showed up with a wheelchair to our casa to take Hma. J. back to the Enfermería.  She really didn't want to but the nurse would not take no for an answer.  We were wheeled through the most populated missionary area, where Elder's would literally stop in their tracts and stare at her (She told me "Didn't there mothers ever teach them to not stare??").  That day we were also lucky to find out the English speaking doctor was gone for the day.  So we had Hermano M, who is a little old man that spoke no English at all.  We stayed in the Enfermería from 1-8ish.  The whole time Hma. J. was in so much pain she felt like she was dying.  She got 2 shots, an IV, and at least 10 different medications, we probably could have started our own pharmacy.  Plus they injected 5 different substances through her IV.  And the only way that we could communicate is through our knowledge of Spanish, and a couple nice games of charades, hoping that the stuff they were giving her was for her benefit.  Hey, it could be worse though, she could have had an intestinal infection and be in Mexico getting a whole bunch of shots and mysterious substances injected into her..........

But that was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened this week.  Our teacher Hermano, has now become our new investigator Adrián.  Monday was our first lesson with him, and we kinda bombed it.  We were focusing too much on the language of spanish, that we forgot the most important language that we should have. The language of the Spirit.  So yesterday we did something we never did before.  We wrote down some questions that we wanted to ask him, and the scriptures we wanted to use.  That was it.  In every lesson that we taught before, I would write word for word what I wanted to say. But I realized that I was forming the lesson to how I wanted it to go, rather than letting the Spirit for the lesson specific to Adrián's needs.

My Spanish has been getting so much better.  Its so crazy how even in two weeks the language has become so much easier to speak and hear.  Before the mission, I would not have been able to listen to a Latino speak and understand any of it.  Its awesome now that I can have conversations with them, even though they are very simple.  The gift of tongues is real!

So there is an awesome way that I can receive your letters! If you write an email, and send it to with my name Hermana Chrissa Boice in the subject, they will print it out and give it to me! That way I can read it and know what to type back on my P-day.  Which btw is on Wednesday's in the MTC!

I finally was able to figure out pictures!  Its hard to take selfies with a camera.

 Mexico MTC

Mexico Temple

She said she had ripped up the floor and found some interesting things?  Not sure why.

She said stuff was so gross.  Imagine a Jolly Rancher in goo form with some chili powder mixed in.

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