Sunday, October 4, 2015

Estoy aquí!!!!!


I am alive! Thank goodness they let your send an email when you arrive, because you would have had to wait until Wednesday to hear from me!

Well, I am suuuuuper overwhelmed! There is so much to take in, one being the fact that everyone is looking at me all the time.  It must be the blonde hair..... Another thing is that I am so grateful that we as missionaries do not drive cars, because people here are CRAZY! I have never seen people drive this way before!  I was about an hour ride from the airport to the CCM (MTC), and it was super cool, its sooo colorful.....but really dirty haha.  I will admit I was kinda freaking out on the plane and landing and waiting for all the missionaries.  But once we started driving through the city, it was the best feeling ever! These are my people! 

The CCM is so cool! Its like a huge college campus, but for the gospel! It also is kinda overwhelminig, I'm not quite comfortable yet, but that will come with time.  I have felt right at home in the sense that I now can speak the little spanish that I do know, and people don't get annoyed with me!!! I've actually been able to translate a little bit for some Hermanas! I have my name tag now, and am offical! Hopefully next week I will be a little more comfortable with the schedule and my stay here! 

I love everyone! And I will try to send some pics next week, I forgot my camera in the luggage so I wasn't able to take the awesome pics of the city :(

Will all my love,

Hermana Boice

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