Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 4: Can believe I missed the Hurricane!


This has been a really good week! The hurricane that hit Guadalajara did not go into Mexico City.  I can't believe I missed being in the biggest Hurricane hitting Mexico by two weeks! I'm glad that I will be there to do service and help with the clean up! 

This past week on Thursday, some of us were able to go into Mexico City to go to immigration.  I can stay in Mexico thank goodness! We saw a lot more of Mexico and it was really awesome.  I took lots of pics.  The ride was very eventful.  I got flipped off, kissed at, the 'call me' sign, don't really remember what else.  I have never felt so white in my life! When we got to immigration, its was the first time that I have been out on the streets with my name tag! It was super cool, got stared at a lot.  There was this guy that had a basket full of huge churros, and I wanted one so bad!! But they didn't let us buy one :( 

This last Friday was awesome! We were in our morning class and Hmo. Ortiz asked us some in depth questions.
´'Who forgives us of our sins? Christ or Heavenly Father?´'
´'Why can't we pay for our own sins? Why do we need the Atonement?´'

We studied the scriptures so much and I have learned a lot.  I would really like to hear everyone's perspective of these two questions.  Next week, I will write everything that I have learned about it.  Send your emails through with my name in the subject (Hermana Chrissa Boice).

On Saturdays, we have TRC, which is when we teach members or less actives.  This Saturday, we taught this guy Ray.......on Skype! It was kinda awful. We could barely hear him and he talked really fast.  This is kinda mortifying, but we told him that we were going to Guadalajara, and he said something to us about prayer, but I didn't understand him, so I thought he was saying something funny, so I started laughing.  Hermana J. was nudging me in my arm, but I didn't know why.  So it turns out.....he was asking if we could pray for his friend in Guadalajara right now.......and I laughed in his yaaaaaaaa.

Yesterday we had our Tuesday Devotional, and a General Authority came! It was Elder Brent H. Nielson, apart of the first quorum of the 70.  It was a really good talk, and I shook his hand.

I'm missing Halloween this year :( its super sad.  Pero, the missionaries are switching nametags for halloween.  I am sad that we are going to miss La Día de los Muertos by one week! Apparently they wont let us go outside for it.  Probably for good reason.  Last night I kept waking up because of the fireworks, they have been going off constantly all day! Although some of them are gunshots I'm pretty sure.

That is pretty much my events for the week! Next Wednesday will be my last in the MTC!! I'm super excited!!

Love you all!

Hermana Boice

My first month this Friday! 17 more to go!!

 Chrissa's little sister missionary band!

 Pictures of Mexico. 

 She thought those white buildings looked like Legos.  :)

They had about 200 different sculptures is was super cool!

 Chrissa thinks this is an art museum.

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