Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 10: First month in Tlaquepaque!!!!

Hola Todos!!!

First month down in the mission!!!! I can't believe all of the progress that I have made since I left the CCM, although I am still not completely fluent in Spanish quite yet.  I can't believe that it is winter! It feels like summer here and I love it, my farmers tan is really starting to show now.  

Lets see, the highlights of this week.  Yesterday was AMAZING because our investigator J. came to church, and got up and bore her testimony!!! It was a really good meeting, although we went over 30 minutes.  But I just love our ward even more.

Package from Karatassos's and Activity Day girls.
A huge thank you to the Karatassos family and the girls in Activity Day's for their package.  It was a wonderful surprise! My companion has never had Taffy or No-Bake Cookies before so she really enjoyed it, too.  I don't remember what day it was this week, but we came home and found the biggest cockroach I have ever seen in my life.  I really dont know how to explain its size, probably the size of a pickle. But it didn't die the first time Hermana L. stepped on it (I don't have the courage yet) because it was so big. And it made a really nasty crunch. Bleh!

This week also we were on a bus, and there were sooooo many people!!! I think I counted around 87 people más o menos.  It was awful!  So this last Saturday I believe, we were at J.'s house and she had a nephew there that was around 10 years old.  We were saying hello to her daughters by kissing them on the cheek and then I reached my hand out and shook his hand and he went in for a kiss on the cheek faster than I had time to react.  Its a normal thing here, but as a missionary it doesn't matter the age.

And yesterday we went to the Christmas Devotional.  The MoTab was wonderful!!! I will be honest that I couldn't really get much out of the devotional because it was in Spanish.  I never thought much of the voices of the Apostles, but I really was missing President Uchtdorf's voice.  Hermana L. asked me if I understood the Devotional and I said yes, they talked about the birth of Jesus Christ.  My default answer. After the devotional, a member gave us a ride home and I wore a seat-belt for the first time in 2 months, it was weird...haha.

Activity with  zone and yes, I am red because I am hot!

On Friday we had splits in our zone and I went with Hermana A. in her area.  It was super fun.  She doesn't speak any English, so I really had to use all of my knowledge of Spanish.  Today we had an activity with our zone and played with water balloons.  And I got 5 buckets of water dumped on my at different times by the elders. My poor shoes are boats right now.

Tengan una buena semana!!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Boice

Our lunch for Thursday...we had a fiesta!

Tacos fritos and these are so good!  I had three of these.  :)

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