Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 12: Feliz Navidad!!!!!!

I have officially made it through my second cambio (transfer).  Sisters only have 12 cambio I believe, so 10 more! Feliz Navidad everyone! Its a bit weird for me to think Christmas is this week, probably because of the weather.  Its like spring here.  Its absolutely perfect for me, but everyone else is dying of cold apparently, or so says my companion.  Id like to see her spend one day in Utah weather, haha.

Yezmin is getting baptized officially this Next Tuesday!! It was set for this Saturday, but this Saturday is also the ward temple trip, so we had to move it :P.  She is so excited and is so amazing! She keeps all of her commitments, does all of her assignments, and always says how she can see the blessings of the Gospel already in her life!!

This last Friday was the Ward Christmas Party which was fun, we had 3 investigators show up which was great.  Sadly we couldn't stay because we had to be back at the house at 9.  Also that night we were in an internet and were leaving and I became friends with a cactus plant when it got caught on my skirt on the stairs and fell on me.  Thankfully I only had to pull one needle out of my skin.

The Fernandez Family! Love them!

Then we had the Stake Christmas program, where the four of us hermana's sang in front of everyone.  We had about two days to practice and we couldn't even practice the day of, we just winged it.  But it was all good! I also had to speak in Sacrament Meeting, and I prepared my talk that morning...haha, but it was also good.  Although, I read my talk off a piece of paper.

This week we have meeting with our Zone and with Presidente, and Hermana L. is going to call home, and we get to return to casa at and I get to call home and also return to casa at.  I just cant believe this year is almost over!! I think that its cool I will be a 3 year missionary (2015, 2016, 2017).  

Cant wait to see what the new year will bring! Hopefully, lots of investigators and better Español!  I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and to really meditate the true meaning of this holiday.  A Savior has been born! It is only one time a year, so cherish it!!!

Love you all!! 
Hermana Boice

We are feasting on the words of Christ.

We had 2 members, Liz and Zelzin accompany us on our lessons!

My new friend that I ran into the night of the Christmas party, Thankfully, they moved it off the stairs so my skirt doesn't get caught anymore.  :)

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