Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 11: Parahgaricutirimicuaro


Okay, first off, the subject of my email.  It is a word here that is a sort of tongue twister, it took me a whole day of saying it over and over again, but I finally got it!!!

This week was super fast and not too much happened.  One day this week we didn't have a lunch appointment, and so a member paid for some food at one of the tiendas, which is pozole.  I like pozole, but I feel like its all I eat.  I had a nice little surprise in it.  Pig cheek! And you know how I know it was pig cheek? It had all the little hairs still.  Blah.  That same day Hermana L. wanted tacos in the street, and the meat was fried intestines.  It actually really wasn't that bad.  I love eating tacos!  And I really shouldn't be eating in the streets, but they are just so good! I haven't gotten sick.  I think in total I have eaten around 25, so I must be a true Mexican.
The weather right now is absolutely perfect!! Its cold for everyone else, but its like spring and I love it!  There is a certain food here called Churros, and they are kind of like Cheetos, but a lot more airy.  I feel like I am eating straight butter and air, but they are so delicious! Hermana L. and I bought 2 huge bags of them. One bag is about twice the size of my pillow...haha.  If I gain weight from anything, it will be this.

We are getting super excited for the 27th because Yezmin (Jazmin, we got her name wrong this whole time) is getting baptized!!!! She is just so amazing and we love her.  Tonight we are going to be teaching her and her daughters about baptism a bit more, and how her daughters also have the opportunity to be baptized.

Sorry if I didn't email you this week! I really didn't have much time to email today, hopefully next week!!!

I want to encourage everyone to visit the site www.mormon.org/christmas and watch the two short videos on why we celebrate Christmas.  And share them on social media, so that others that may not know why, can understand and feel the Spirit.

Love you all!

Hermana Boice

We just love our Chapalita! I had no idea that the guys in the background where totally photo bombing.  :)

So before my mission, I went to the Mexican consulate in Utah and met a missionary there that was leaving to Guadalajara East?? I found her again!! Hermana K.

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