Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 17: Divisiones, Cambios, Enfermedades, Conejos, y Mucho Más!

Hola Hola Hola!!

Wow! This week is it for training! This Sunday, I will be getting my assignment and if I am going to stay or go! We will see...

So this week, my poor companion had gripa (the flu), and has been sniffing and sneezing.  Its actually amazing that I have not gotten it yet.  All of the missionary's that we have had contact with have received it, and I am the only one left.  I have hopes that I will not get sick (knock on wood).  I am told that its pretty amazing that I have not gotten sick once in my almost 4 months in Mexico, I hope I can make it the whole mission!

On Wednesday, we had a worldwide broadcast for all of the missionaries in the world.  They said in the broadcast that the missionaries in Japan had to wake up to watch it.  It was really powerful to think that all 75,000 missionaries in the world were all watching at the same time. I loved all of the talks, and learned a lot of how to be a better missionary. They had a room for all the newby missionaries that don't quite know Spanish yet (so of course I was there).  But it was super hard to pay attention because they had the voice over in Spanish, but you could still hear a little bit of English in the background, and they had subtitles that were about 15 seconds off.  So I ended up just closing my eyes and listening to the Spanish, because of my headache.  But it was really good and I loved it!

Our smiles are false, it was so frustrating! 
Elder R. took about 20 years taking our pictures on each camera.
We had our division on Friday, where our sister training leaders came to our area.  Hermana L. and I did a split, where she went with Hermana C, and I went with Hermana R.  So I had to guide all day long, take the right buses, know exactly where to go, and all that.  Which was super scary!! But it went really, really good.  After divisions, we have an inventory with them about what we can do better and set goals.  In my inventory, she asked me how I feel about training a new missionary right after my training.  She told me that she thinks that I am ready, and that I can learn a lot from it.  Honestly, its scares me to death!  But we will see what happens this Sunday.  Everyone keeps telling me also that I will probably be a sister training leader😬.....

Yesterday we had Torta Ahogadas for lunch for the first time. They are very popular here in Guadalajara but I don't know why! The translation is pretty much ´Drowned sandwich´ and its not my favorite. Its a sandwich with pork but is drowned in salsa.  I don't know if I have gained much weight here, but if I have, its because of the bread! They have pastry's in almost every tienda (little store) and they are muy muy rico (delicious)!!!!  Hermana L. taught me a little saying here in Mexico, ´'Las penas con pan son buenas´' which means the pains with bread is very very good.  Its like when your depressed, you eat ice-cream, but here its bread.

Our Investigators.  I don't know why these people don't smile in pics.. haha
Not too much to report on our investigators.  We had three dates for baptism, but two of them didn't show up to sacrament meeting, so we only have one.  It has been an interesting situation with her, but I hope things can go forward.  She has, I believe, 9 children total, but only 5 or 6 live with her.  She came to church yesterday and we sat with her in the back where all the baby's and loud children live.  Thankfully Hermana L. and I had little cookies in our backpacks to give to her children to keep them quite, or we tried...haha.

I love you all and am so grateful for your letters! Who knows where I will be next week, but I will let you know!

¡Adiós con amor! 
Hermana Boice

What we think about alcohol........
Some kids brought this baby bunny to church, and I almost ran away once I had it in my hands,
but we can't have pets :(
Made some guacamole for an activity.

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