Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 26: Happy Easter!!!

Hola a todos!

Working till 1:30 in the morning!
So, we really don't have any investigators that are progressing, but we have been trying really hard to look for new investigators this week.  We found a good amount, and we are going to be teaching them this week.  Wish us luck! We have one investigator, that has had all of the lessons 4 years ago with the Elders. She couldn't be baptized because she has a smoking problem, but she knows that the church is true, that the Book of Mormon is true.  But in all of this time, she has not been really progressing very much.  Hermana H. made the decision about a week ago to leave her as an investigator, and use the time to teach others.  The truth is that I didn't feel like it was right, but I ignored the feeling.  The very next day we were walking to an appointment, and I felt like we should take a different route. We were walking and I looked to the side and sitting right there was Alejandrina!! We went over to talk to her, and she started telling us that she has the desires to change, to be baptized and everything, the only thing is that she wants to know that it's what Heavenly Father wants for her. I feel like honestly that it was an answer to me that we need to keep teaching her.

I have been pondering a scripture this week that is in Proverbs 23:7 that says, (sorry, I only have my scriptures in Spanish) "Porque cual ese su pensamiento en su corazón tal es él."  Or in other words, what we think of ourselves is how we are.  The most important person that needs to have a good opinion of you, besides God is YOU!  When we recognize our worth and potential, that is when others are also going to recognize and see it also.  

I have a little compromiso (I don't remember this word in English ) for all of you (I looked it up and it is commitment).  That if there is a time when you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself, you need to say 3 good things.  It may seem silly, but do it.  And if you don't have these negative thoughts about yourself, do this when there are negative thoughts about others.  Think of the good things that they have to offer.  I know that when we do this, we can develop charity for our brothers and sisters.  And when we have charity, we can develop the other Christ-like attributes.

Happy Easter!! And prepare as much as you can with questions for General Conference this week :)

Love Hermana Boice

I saw Hermana L. at our Zone Conference with President Egginton!!

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