Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Semana (Week) 31: Feliz Dia de la Madre!

Happy Mothers Day!! Thank you mom for everything that you have given me, and your big example to me! Love you!
Our New District!!

Cool looking catholic church in Morelia.
The amount of Catholic churches here are like Mormon chruches in Utah.  :)
I feel so poor right now! Because Acambaro is really far, we need to travel every week to Morelia, like 1 hour 30 min, and then back again.  Also, we have a lot of little towns that are from 40 min. away to hours.  So we take a lot of buses.  And they are the nice buses too that look like airplanes from the inside.  Lots and lots of pesos! Hermana R. told me when I got here that we have like 4 or 5 of these towns.  We found out the other day, that actually we have 38!! Probably the farthest part of our area is El Tepozán, which I think is part of Queretaro, and its probably like 2 to 3 hours. Our area is HUGE!

BOM for the Japanese man.

3 funny stories from this week.  One of the members has wanted to give a BOM to a family that she has worked with for a while.  The problem is that he is Japanese, and only speaks English, not much spanish.  And so that is where I come in... haha.  But we just decided to leave a BOM in English and Spanish at his work with our number, and see what happens.

Another funny story, we were walking in the street, and were talking about the references that we received.  Hermana R. said, ¨Hugo vive aquí!¨But I thought she said ¨Jugo¨(Juice).  And I started looking around ¨Donde? Donde? Quiero Jugo de Fresa!¨ Just a small misunderstanding.

The funniest thing that happened was yesterday, by far! We were heading to Morelia for our Zone Meeting, and we climbed onto a bus that looked like it was ours.  As the bus was getting read to leave, some people told us that we were in the wrong seats, because they were numbered.  But we told them that we didn't have any numbers on our ticket.  So we decided to ask were the bus was going and what do you know? It was heading to Mexico City! Good thing we asked.  The District Leader called us as we were on the right bus and we thought we would be funny to joke, and tell him that we were on the bus to Mexico.  And he took it seriously.  Just about when we were about to tell him that it was a joke.....Ëlder, Elder......are you there? It was a joke! Elder!!!  The signal went out.  We were able to get a hold of him 10 minutes later.  Thankfully he only contacted the Zone Leaders and not the AP´s.  But ya, we learned our lesson and repented.

Have a good week!!!
Hermana Boice

I finally bought a Mexican dress! It was my dream!

We "accidentally" climbed a big hill and got lost, but has a nice view!

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