Monday, May 16, 2016

WEEK 32: The Einstein and Indiana Jones looking Witch Doctor Hippie......

Hola a todos!!!!! 

Well, this week has certainly been an interesting one! First off, this last Sunday we had our Zone Conference in Morelia but with all of our bishops and leaders from the ward counsel.  It was super awesome!! They talked about how the goal of the stake is to have a temple, and so we need to "Pressure" the Work, and double the numbers that we have.  Now, we have the goals of 15 investigators in sacrament meeting, and 50 lessons with members present every week!!!  Haha, no pressure....but we are going to work as hard as we can!

This last Thursday we had an activity for Mothers Day in the church.  We all ate and there was a little show put on by Priesthood and Primary, and then after we watched some short videos from the Church.  Now, there is this man that we have meet 2 times before in the street, and he is super crazy!! He looks like Einstein, dresses like Indiana Jones (minus the hat), is a ¨Doctor¨ and is a hippie.  One of the times he saw us and he called to us ¨Cousins!!! You are my cousins, and these are my cousins, we are all cousins!¨ He also gave us these colored rocks that are for necklaces, and said that they will tell us in our future and protect us or something like that.  After the activity, my comp teared up a bit because we felt the spirit, and he came up to us and started to tell us not to cry, because we need to enjoy life.  He couldn't comprehend that sometimes we cry when we feel joy.

So I am officially now the pianist every Sunday, because no one knows how to play.  We found out that we actually have more than 40 towns in our area.  We went to one that is about an hour away in Iramuco.  There is a really big lake next to it that is pretty.  We have a couple future investigators that we are going to visit this week over there.

That's about it for this week! 

Love you all!!
Hermana Boice

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