Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 30: Las Escaleras y 7 Meses!!!!

Completed 7 months in the mission field!

Hola from Acambaro! This week feels like it was super long because we did so many things and many things happened.  But that usually happens when you are new in an area. Frist off, Acambaro is awesome and suuuuuper big.  It is kinda like Guadalajara in some parts, except that its not as flat. And there aren't many buses either, so we walk all day long  There is one area that we usually go to everyday, and the streets are super steep.  We are really building up our muscles.  Although, I am a little jealous when I see 4-wheelers and Mopeds. I am super happy to be here, also because its the land of bread! There are bakery's in every corner and the bread is super delicious.  I also found out that I am the first missionary that is guerrita (or in other words, white girl with blonde hair) in the history of this area, maybe that is why I get so many weird looks.

The people here are awesome too! We have members that are so supportive and help us bunches. We have some investigators that have a lot of potential, also. Two of them that accepted a baptismal date this week for 28 of May.  One experience that I had this week was really special.  We have one investigator Saul.  His family are members but he isn't, but he has been attending church for 4 years!!  the reason that he never got baptized is because he has a smoking problem.  We had a really powerful lesson with him.  I felt that when I talked, it wasn't me.  I knew that it was the spirit.  I am really so glad to be here, and have had so many special experiences.

I'm not this red...its a filter on the camera that is really vivid!!!

So we have a touristic place in our area that is called ¨Las escaleras¨ or the stairs.  We have a mountain in our area that has stairs that lead up to the top, and they are many! This morning we climbed it with a member.  We were up there for about 3 hours it really has a nice view! Although I forgot that I have a fear of heights, and almost had a bit of a panic at one point when the stairs were really narrow, but I made it and we survived!! There are lots of pictures!

Just want to leave you all with my scripture for the week (don't have it in English) in D&C 6:20; ¨Sé fiel y diligente en guardar los mandamientos de Dios, y te estrecharé entre los brazos de mi amor.¨

Les amo mucho! Tengan una bonita semana!  
Hermana Boice

We found this awesome looking house, and found out that in the back, it is the place for Alcoholics Anonymous.

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