Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Semana (Week) 39: Happy Independence Day/Virgin Refugio Day/9 months!!!

Today is also a really big day here in Acambaro.  I heard everyone talk about the 4th of July and all of the parties and food and bread there will be in the street.  Also, the fireworks that have been going off every 5 minutes for a week and I thought, "That's awesome that they also celebrate America's Independence Day here!"  But then I found out that it is actually the day that they celebrate The Virgin Refugio(Refuge).  I don't know what is the difference between her, the Virgin Guadalupe, the Virgin Mary (they have about a billion) but anyway, ya they are celebrating her.  It's awesome because they have a day that all of the bread bakery's will be giving bread away for FREEE!!  Its like Black Friday, but bread....people actually punch.

Really, this has probably been the craziest week of my whole mission, So many things happened one after another.  There was some really good things, and also some really NOT so good things. Definitely a week that is going into my journal!  Wednesday was probably the day that was the craziest, but can't really explain everything that happened.  We finally got back to the house at night, thinking that the day was going to end, when at 11pm, I heard ¨Hermana Boice!¨ Outside the house.  Turns out it was 2 members that came by to see if we were home, because we forgot to call our District Leader to tell him that we got home safely. I checked our phone and saw that it was on silent with 15 missed calls from Him, the Zone Leaders, and the Bishop.  They thought that we had gotten kidnapped or something....and that was the end of that day, haha.

This last Sunday was fast Sunday and I decided to fast for our progressing investigators.  For the last 3 weeks, we haven't had any of our investigators in church, and I was starting to feel a little bit distressed.  One of our investigators, Jesus, told us in our last lesson that he is scared to come.  We finally were able to convince him to come.  Then on Sunday morning, he sent us a text that he wasn't going to go because he didn't feel ready.  At this point I was begging the Lord for a tender mercy and that he could help me to know what to say to him so that he will go.  I prayed that if at the very least, Jesus went to church and I would be content.  We got to church, and guess who showed up?? Jesus was the only investigator that came, but I am so very grateful that God answer our prayers being a real, true desire from our heart!

I totally forgot my camera, but I wil be sure to send you all my pics next week!! I can't believe that I am half way through the mission.  It is really going by so fast.  I am so very grateful to be here!  It has, and is changing my life, and always for the better :) Love you all and always stay strong!!!

Hermana Boice

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