Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Semana (Week) 40: The Golden Week

9 months in the mission (last week)!!!!
Wow! This week, I think, has been one of the best weeks I have had in all of my mission! We found 9 new investigators and we feel like every lesson that we come out of, was filled with the spirit.

My testimony really has grown so much being here, especially in prayer. Heavenly Father has really been so sweet to me by always answering my prayers, even if they are small.  I want to share two experiences from this week.   I fasted this last Sunday that one of our investigators would go to church, even if he was the only one that would go.  When we got to church, only he ended up coming.  And yesterday we were praying a lot that the ward would remember to come on time to church and not really late.  When it is 10:00, there are usually only 30 people. We got there and there was around 70 people before 10:00!!!!  We ended up having 97 people in total, when every week its 70. The Lord really truly does bless us, when it is a true and righteous desire of our hearts.  I truly feel so grateful for my mission and all the things that I have learned and experienced.  I feel such a change in myself, and that is one of the greatest mercies that the Lord could give me. 

Next week is cambios!! But I am sure that I will be staying in Acambaro with Hermana C. for one more cambio.  Today is like a holiday in Acambaro. There is a parade, and all of the bakery's are in it and throw bread to the people.  The people fight for it like its Black Friday, but I will find out today!

Love you all! Trust in God, and Choose the Right!!
Hermana Boice
The best District in the World!!!! With the best shirts in the world!
I had the opportunity to have divisions with my trainer before she ends her mission (she ends next week).

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