Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Semana (Week) 42: One Year Older and Hopefully Wiser Too! :-)

Wow! Just completed 20 years with this birthday! Feels weird to be 2 decades old...haha. I spent pretty much all of my birthday traveling to Guadalajara for a meeting for all of the new missionaries and their trainers, which is about 5 hours.  We got there early, so we went to visit my old area in Tlaquepaque and we ate Chapalita!! I was soooo happy.  Then, in the morning the Sisters all sang to me in the house and gave me a little treat.  We headed to our meeting, which was really awesome and spiritual for about 5 hours.  After that, Everyone sang to me Happy Birthday, and President Egginton gave me a little cake (which was delicious by the way).  We traveled back to Acambaro and got back about 12 in the morning.

A funny experience that happened this week.  We received money to eat lunch one day and we felt like eating pizza.  We called Dominos and told them what we wanted and gave them our number if they needed to call us for some reason.  Before we told them the address, they said, ¨Oh, you guys live in front of the store Tio Sams (Yes we live in front of Tio Sams) and your house is white and is 2 story¨..........😨.  How does this guy that works in Dominos know this???? That's because they practically memorized our number since the sisters before us called in pizza a looooooot... hahaha.

An awesome experiance that happend this week. We were walking in the street and passed by a little store with two women sitting out front.  I had the impression to talk to them, but I just kept on walking, because we were running a bit late.  For the next 30 seconds my mind was full of ¨Why didn't you talk to them??? You need to talk to them¨ Until I had to tell my comp,¨We need to go back¨ and I turned around and headed back to talk to them.

 They both surprisingly accepted our invitation to visit them.  Its so important to listen to the spirit!

Love you all!!!!! Thanks for all of the birthday email!!! I am sorry if I didnt get the change to email back, but I will next week!!!

Hermana Boice

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