Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Semana (Week)41: Cambios (Transfers)!!!

Fortunately, we didn't have cambios.  I am still in Acambaro with Hermana C. and we are just loving it here! I don't think I have ever felt the spirit more than in this last cambio.  Truly, I have had some amazing experiences and Acambaro will always be in my heart.  I am super glad that I will be here for another 6 weeks!

First, some sad news.  We had a lesson with Jesus and found out that he really doesn't want to change his religion, even though he KNOWS that it is all true.  He likes to listen to us to have more knowledge.  It was super sad, because we really put so much effort into teaching his lessons, fasting, praying, and the whole caboodle. But every person has their agency and we did all that we could.  We hope that in the future, he will make the right decision.

Haha... we ran into a funny situation the other day. We were teaching a less active and she invited her 2 teenage grandson's to listen to us.  We found out that they were from the US, and that they really didn't know much Spanish.  BUUUT, I didn't use any of my English, because I felt way to weird.  I just spoke super slow in Spanish, so that they could understand me....really, who knows.  

The other day, someone stopped us in the street to ask if I was from another country and thought I was from Germany.  Now we have an appointment with her to teach her and she seemed really interested.  Then later that day, we were waiting outside a house, and this guy started yelling at me from across the street, ¨Rusa! Rusa!¨ (Russian).   He thought I was from Russian... haha.

Have a wonderful week!  Don't forget daily prayers and scripture study, as this is how you will have a wonderful week.  ;)

Hermana Boice
Playing with bananas on our bus ride.  We have baby bananas here!!!

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