Monday, October 3, 2016

Semana (Week) 52: 1 YEAR!!!

I still can't comprehend it yet, but I HAVE ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION! I really have no idea what happened, I think there had to be some type of time warp involved or something.  But now I only have 4 more transfers left.  Next Monday is transfers, so we will see what will be happening.  For sure I am going to have a different companion because Hermana C. is going to finish her mission next Monday.  It's hard for me to imagine that the day will eventually come, haha.  Better that I don't think of that....

Well, this week was a tiny bit CRAZY.  Really we were not able to work well this week.  We had to leave on Wednesday to head to Guadalajara so that I could go renew my visa on Thursday.  Got to see my sisters that came with me in the mission, and then we had to head with the Sister AP`s (Assistants to the President) because we had divisions with them in Morelia. I was so happy to return to my Aeropuerto Stake! On Friday, I was with Hermana S. which was special, because we both completed a year that day, and our comps threw us a little party.  One tradition here is that you need to take a huge bite out of the cake if its your birthday.  So we had to take a bite of our cake.  I went first, and Hermana S. didn't want to.  So I bent down and started smelling the cake, saying that it smelled weird.  Poor Hermana S. fell for it and bent down to smell it and I smashed her face into the cake.  It was soooooo funny.  We wanted to take a bus to return to our area before the Saturday sessions, but we found out that they were not sending any buses to Zamora until Sunday...something about safety.  So we stayed there for Saturday and returned on Sunday to our area to watch Conference.  

One of my favorite talks was given by Russell M. Nelson when he talked about joy.  That our afflictions and trials actually help us to feel real joy.  I love that joy does not depend of our difficult situations, but our own perspective of things. We choose to feel joy.  It was really interesting, because after the Women's Conference, I told my comp, "Why don't they ever put missionaries in the choir to sing during conference? It would be so awesome!" And then it happened during conference! It was a prophecy.  When they started to sing "I'll go Where you Want me to Go", my comp and I were crying so much, because she is ending her mission next week.  In this moment, I never wanted to end my mission.  It was all a beautiful experience.

Let you all know what happens next week! Love you!

Hermana Boice

I tried talking to the horse in giving us a ride because we don't have cars or bikes, but he wasn't up for it.

Our Zone Activity Today.

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