Monday, October 10, 2016

Semana (Week) 53: Cambios (Transfers) !!! And first time working in a threesome!

New companion
Well, this week I haven't worked at all in my area, and hardy the last week, because we were in Guadalajara a lot. Very very sadly, my comp finished her mission :( Our last day together was on Wednesday, and then I had to travel back to Zamora and she needed to stay until Monday.  Truly awful saying goodbye.  I traveled back to Zamora with my Zone Leaders, which was a bit weird at first.  First time in a year, I have been alone and with 2 men...but it was all good.  Then, I went to stay with our sisters in Nueva Luneta and we were a threesome until today when I received my new comp Hermana S.  She is super awesome and cute, and we are going to have a really great transfer together.  She is from my generation, we came in the mission at the same time. 

Missionaries that I am going to miss a lot!
Now they have returned home. 
It was certainly interesting being in a threesome, a bit hard, but we did it!  And I was able to survive with the money that I had during this time, since I didn't have anything else because we used everything on travel.  Finally, got home today with only 2 pesos left.  There is something that lots of people here like to eat called ChicharrĂ³n (literally, the fatty skin of a pig).  If its cooked right, it doesn't actually taste too bad.  We ate that with a member this week.  

We had a really awesome experience when I was in divisions with Hermana M.  We didn't have any more plans left, so we decided to tract a bit.  I remembered the talk of Elder Uchtdorf during the Women's Conference about the missionaries that knocked on every single door of a building.  Literally, the last one ended up accepting them and they were baptized.  So, we sat down and said a pray, to help us to know what street that we should knock on doors.  After, I felt the impression to knock on the doors in the street behind us.  We started at the end and no one accepted us inside. We got to the 2nd to last door, and opened up to a girl.  She recognized us, told us that she has gone to our church, and has a friend that is member.  And she lives in my area!  She was just visiting a friend.  So we taught her and are going to visit her some time this coming week.  Then, we knocked on the last door and the man also recognized us. About 10 years ago, he listened to the missionaries.  So, we also were able to teach him.  It makes me marvel every time when we have the amazing opportunity to have the influence of the Spirit.

Super ready to start this transfer and work super hard! Thank you all for your prayers, they really do help! :)

Hermana Boice

Our Leadership Counsel....we have our goofy side too.

Biggest zucchini I have ever seen!

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