Monday, October 31, 2016

Semana (Week) 56: Happy Halloween/Chasing down the Ice-cream Man...

Happy Halloween!!!! And Happy (almost) Day of the Dead! But let us all remember amidst all of this talk of death, ghosts, that we all have the hope of the resurrection, and that we can focus in this joyful part.  And not a resurrection like Zombies, thankfully with a perfect body.  How wonderful is the Lord to have given us this great gift :)

Well, this week we had divisions with our sisters in Zamora Centro.  I was with Hermana O. from Honduras. We went to their area and were walking around searching for a house, when Hermana O. started to take off running because she saw an ice-cream man with that annoying music down the road.  So we started chasing after the ice-cream man, but he made a turn in a street and we lost him, so we calculated another route that we could cut him off.  Later, I found out it was not because she had a craving for ice-cream, but it was actually a less active that she wanted to talk to.

Sad story from yesterday.  We went to work in an area that is a bit far from our house and we headed there on a bus, got off, and went to a lesson (that was veeeery interesting.....) and in the lesson I realized that I didnt have my nametag.  Pretty sure I lost it in the bus, so I had to work the whole day without my nametag, and it was sooooo weird.  Pretty sure it does have some kind of power, because I felt off the whole day.  Thankfully, I have another.

This week I was studing Galatas 6:2:
Sobrellevad los unos las cargas de los otros y cumplid asì la ley de Cristo

I was meditating what could be the law of Christ? Christ gave us the example of service.  To give everything we have without expecting anything in return. Like Christ, he takes on all of our burdens, so that we can feel happy and light from our burdens. And as he does that for us, he also desires that we can do the same for our brethren. When we comfort someone that is in need, to the Lord, it's as if we comforted him when he was in need. 

Sorry, I don't have pics this week, totally forgot my camera haha, next week!

Love you all!
Hermana Boice

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