Thursday, January 12, 2017

Semana (Week) 66: Murphy´s Law....

T´was a very eventful week this week.  First, we are back with the skirts, no more pants (sad day).  On Tuesday we left for Guadalajara for the Leadership Counsel on Wednesday, and were able to make it to the temple.  The temple is in the other mission of Guadalajara.  We got there 2 hours early and were waiting in the church next door.  Little did we know that inside they were having their own Leadership Counsel with their Mission President. They ended and everyone started coming out and staring at us like we were foreigners (technically, ya we are).  It was actually kinda funny. Wednesday was our Leadership Counsel (for 8 hours) lots of stuff we went over and my head was killing me after... haha.

Fast forward to our trip back to Morelia in the bus, my comp and I were talking about cameras, and how she has lost hers a couple times.  I did the worst things I could have done and said ¨I have NEVER lost my camera¨................. Well wouldn't you know that we got home went to sleep, next day, looked for my camera. But it was No Where To Be Found...................Irony of Murphy´s Law.  So ya, lost 15 months of my life, no biggy... 😩

This week has been a mission changing week for me. I have begun to do things a bit differently. I remember from the General Conference talk of Pres. Uchtdorf when he talked about a little girl with her grandmother. The grandma couldn't hear very well and the child told her to HEAR HARDER! Maybe that is not the best way we are going to progress, but we can learn to listen differently. So this week I have been ¨listening differently¨. In my personal studies, I have received more revelation in this week than probably in all my mission. I have learned to wait and listen to the spirit in what and where I should study. By doing this, I have been able to find lots of answers. One of them being, If I want to be a consecrated missionary, I need to talk with more people wherever I am. This has been one of my weaknesses in the mission, having the valor to stop people in the street, talk in buses, talk in any situation. But I learned that it is a commandment from the Lord to me as a missionary. So we made this change in ourselves and we focused on talking with people wherever we found them. In the first day that we made that decision together, we talked with 63 people that day. I could feel more energy, and I felt really good. I felt happy. In 5 days, we talked with 124 people.  I feel like we are doing our part, and know that the Lord will bless us with His Miracles.

This week I was meditating D&C 50:24
"Lo que es Dios es LUZ, y el que recibe LUZ y persevera en Dios, recibe mas LUZ, y esa LUZ se hace mas y mas resplandeciente hasta el dia perfecto"

The Light has caught my attention the most. From meditating in this scripture, I tried identifying what really it's referring to as Light. It could mean many things, but I came to the conclusion that its talking about Knowledge. God has a perfect knowledge in all things, and as we receive it and we apply it, He will give us more and more. Knowledge really is a Light because with more of it, we can always see more and more clear. 

Thanks so much for the packages!!!! You are all the best and I am very grateful for your love!

Hermana Boice



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