Monday, January 16, 2017

Semana (Week) 67: Learning Life Lessons

Well, I have got to say that it's been a bit of a hard week.  We have been walking all day and every day to find new investigators, and thankfully we have been able to find some.

We did have a good experience finding one of our new investigator, Guadalupe.  She was an old investigator, and we prayerfully went through all of the old investigators, found her name,and we felt that we needed to visit her.  Sure enough, we went to her house, and she accepted us immediately.  She told us about the death of her father, and how she has felt so alone and needed someones support.  She knows that God sent us to her to help her.

This week I was meditating on 2 Nefi 31:20. A scripture that everyone knows, but I was able to find something profound for me personally. I have been praying for a while asking God to tell me what I can do to improve and be a better missionary. I have lots of faults, and I know there are many things that I need to improve. He directed me to this chapter where I read verse 20:
"Por tanto, debeis seguir adelante con firmeza en Cristo, teniendo un fulgor PERFECTO de ESPERANZA y AMOR por DIOS y por TODOS los hombres. Por tanto, si marchais adelante deletandoos en la palabra de Cristo y perseveráis hasta el fin, he aquí asi dice el Padre, Tendréis la vida eterna."

When I read those parts, I know that they were what He wants me to improve on. Hope, have the trust that he will complete His promises, and wait for them patiently with enthusiasm. And have charity for all people. I will be honest that this part can be very difficult for me. Its all good with people that are nice to you, but its the difficult people that are sometimes hard to love. These last 2 days have been a trial for me, and I wont get too much into detail, but its suffice to say that I felt humbled almost to the dust. But I can see that The Lord is trying to teach my something very important, that I need to see everyone through his eyes, without judgement, and to be more humble. We don't know the lives of others, and we don't need too.  We just need to focus on ourselves, and what we need to do better :)

Hermana Boice
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