Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week 5: The Battle of Tentación and Pecado!

Ah!! my time in the CCM is gone! Next time, I will be on the other side.  I will officially be a missionary! Whoo! 

A couple exciting things happened this week.  Last Thursday, I was so focused on getting out of our casa on time for breakfast, I walked all the way to the Comedor in my bright blue flip flops and missionary clothes.  I had been really confused why people looked at my feet.  Haha I looked really out of place.  New fashion statement! That night the elders were teaching in another room and all of us hermana's say every song in Les Mis at the top of our lungs.  Apparently everyone in the whole building heard us and listened outside our door.  I really want to watch Les Mis now.

Saturday was Halloween! I took a couple pics.  We borrowed some knifes from the kitchen and carved some apples since we didn't have pumpkins. (Chrissa's apple is the one with a single tooth.) Sadly we couldn't eat them because we start our fast right after lunch.  I thought that there weren't going to be any costumes because its a bit hard to dress up as something other than a missionary, but some elder's managed to do something.  

Also last week, the elders found a huge spider and our now keeping it as a pet in their casa. Its name is Tentación.  Then they found another scary looking ant spider that was near our casa, and named it Pecado.  So now they put them in the same bottle and have 'family fight nights' in their casa.  Its kinda like a Hunger Games but with bugs.  Ya, that's our elders.
We also had TRC this last Saturday, which is where less actives or members come for us to teach.  The first lady we had the cutest little old lady ever!  Her name is G.  She talks our ear off and speaks 100 mph, but we loved her.  We had this guy Aarón after and he was going to open up his mission call that next day! It brought back memory's.
Hmo. O. really likes to do games with us in class. He also really likes competition and punishments.  the game was Hermana's against Elder's, and of course the Hermana's won.  So we got to pick a punishment for the elders.  they have to wear the same tie for a whole week.  Elder B. really took it hard.  He really likes his ties, he brought 23 of them here.  Since the Hermana's won, Hmo. O. is going to bring us some really spicy salsa.  
Our night classes are taught by Hmo. T.  He brought his new wife with him on Saturday and we got to know her.  They are so cute! They have only been married for about 2 weeks now. Hmo. T. understands a lot of English, but cant speak it very well. So every night we are teaching him things like ´'Holy cow´' ´'Hold your horses´' ´'Marshmallow´' Its really fun.  We like to say ´'Santo Vaca!´' (Holy cow) a lot!

UN GRAN FELIZ CUMPEAÑOS A MI HERMANITA! Amberlee just had her birthday on Monday!

So David Archuelta's sister is here, thats some news that is going around. 
That is about my week! We are all packing today and we got our flight plans yesterday.  We will be leaving here at 3am on Monday to the airport.

Love Hermana Boice

Picture with Hmo. O.

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