Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chrissa's Last Email in Mexico MTC

They are letting us email today because we are leaving on Monday! And also because there is a good chance that I wont call from the airport, so I wanted to let you know how everything is going.  Today was spent just getting everything packed up and weighing everything.  There is about 20 of us that are all flying together to Guadalajara so I wont be flying alone! Yesterday was a long day.  It was just like the first day, because we had classes all day long.  It was all about in-field things.  So I totally didn't realize this, but once we leave the CCM, we are officially responsible to be missionaries and contacting anyone we meet.  They told us that we need to set a goal for how many people that we are going to talk to in the airport. Ah! Its so real now!

I have some pictures from today because we said goodbye to our teachers!! Its so sad and I am going to miss them!!!

Love you all!! You might get an email from me on Monday too, or next Monday.  

Hermana Boice 

PS. Just a little story, so on Thursday, Im pretty sure someone died.  The elders are right next to the wall separating the CCM, and they heard like 7 gunshots in a row, and then another 10 seconds later.  Here I come Mexico! 

This is a picture with Hermano AguiƱiga.  He actually wasn't one of our direct teachers, but he is the best! He wanted to take a selfie with us.
This is our picture with Hermano Tlachi! He was our first investigator Ivan

Here she comes....ready to take on Mexico as an official hermana to teach of Christ and bring the light to those ready. 

Cool picture on the roof of the Thomas S. Monson building in CCM

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