Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 8: I Never Thought I Wouldn't Want to Speak English.....

This week thankfully went by a lot faster than the last!  Lots a good stuff happened.  I don't have ants anymore! So that is super great! We have a lot of cockroaches though, mostly in our study room and the kitchen.  Better than spiders!

So, don't be surprised if you hear that I broke my ankle, because I feel like that is going to happen really soon.  All of the sidewalks are broken and lifted because of tree roots, I feel like I am hiking sometimes.  I have a nickname that people use in the streets a lot.  Its Gúerita which pretty much means white blonde girl.  Which honestly, there are whiter people here than me sometimes, and they are Mexican.  

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Its super cute because Hermana L. and G. are giving me and Hermana D. a little Thanksgiving.  All the Christmas decorations are going up already here.  We were able to go to the temple this last Thursday with Hermana O. who got her endowments out.  She has 5 kids and they swarmed me and Hermana D., asking us to teach them English words.  One little girl just stood in front of me and stared at my eyes for 10 minutes.  She also kept reaching up to touch my hair.  Its something that I am used to now.  The two little girls I talked about last week with the "My Little Pony's" would take their little combs for their dolls and comb though my hair.

So, about the title of my email this week.  I get very excited when I can speak English! Although most of the time, if I am talking to someone in Spanish and they say a something in English, it doesn't really process in my mind and so I just respond in Spanish. Just yesterday at church, a young man came to sacrament meeting that I didn't know.  Hermana L. told me that he has only ever listened to lessons when there is an american so that he can practice his English.  Hermana L. and her last companion Hermana C. are both Mexican, and when they ran into him, they talked about having another lesson with him, which he declined.  Saturday, apparently he was on the bus and saw me.  And now he is coming to church. He came up to us after sacrament meeting and immediately was asking if he can practice English with me.  Hermana L. was very direct with him, and asked him what he thought of the church and if he has received an answer.  He said that he felt the book of Mormon was true, but honestly he just seemed like he was making it up.

So we had a lesson with him after church to where I proceeded to teach in Spanish, to find out if he was really only interested in learning English.  I could tell from his facial expression that he was a bit upset when I taught in Spanish. After the lesson, we were very direct with him that I was only going to teach in Spanish for the lessons, we could talk maybe for 10 minutes before or after, but that's it.

This last week we were able to have 4 investigators commit to a baptism date! Its so awesome! One of them is the family that came to church last week and was an answer to Hermana L.'s fast.  I have seen so many blessings already from the mission, and it has only been two weeks!!

The other day we were eating at a members house and had pozole which is super good, its a kind of a soup with corn! Me and Hermana D. did something that even Mexicans don't dare do! Here, they have a reeeeeeeallly spicy salsa for the pozole, you only put 3 drops of it in the soup and it is spicy.  And we took a whole spoonful of it and ate it! I felt like I was going to die! I took a video of it, but I don't really know if I can send it.

But that is about it! I am already getting my farmers tan, its still pretty hot here. It will be interesting in the summer! Oh, and I have gotten used to kissing complete strangers on the cheek. Women of course!!! 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Boice

Chrissa and her sweet companion Hermana L. at the Temple.  She calls her "her little Mexican twin".

We went to the mall today to eat and I took a picture with the name of the mall.  The movie theater is right behind and it was torture.  I saw a poster for the new Star Wars movie :(

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