Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 7: I've Got Ants in my Pants!!

Chrissa's first bedroom outside MTC.
Well, I made it through my first real week in Mexico! I am safe and in one piece (for now haha) but I do have a couple battle scars. Mainly lots of bug bites.  I have 17 and counting just on my legs, and most are as big as a dime.  So, I literally have ants in my pants, or more like my skirts, and in my bed.....I have no idea what started it, but my second day here I came home to my bed filled with ants, and my clothes also.  That was fun! I have a piece of tape that I keep by my bedside and whenever I see an ant, I just kill it with the tape, it keeps things from getting messy.

So how was my week as a real missionary?? Well, its a work in progress. This whole week we pretty much taught lots of less actives and talked to a lot of people on the streets.  We haven't had many appointments this last week, but starting today, we have a bunch of citas for this whole week.  We have three main investigators, and Carmen committed to be baptized this week, but in January! Long time away.  

There was a really cool thing that happened this past week.  Hermana L. and I were trying to find a reference Rita.  We could not find her address at all.  We looked for almost an hour, asking people where the address was, and no one knew.  We were walking down the street and we passed by a man that called out 'Hermanas' to us, saying that the road ahead was blocked by the police.  We asked him if he was a member and he said he was.  Then we asked him if he knew the address, he said yes.  He asked us who we were looking for, and we said Rita.  We asked him if he knew her.  Apparently, she is his wife.  So he gave us directions and we went and taught their family.  It is truly amazing the way that Heavenly Father puts people in our path.  

Goodies they received on Sunday.
Yesterday was my first Sunday in an actual Spanish ward! I met a lot of people, and forgot a lot of names! It was super cute though because it was the Primary Program.  There was a super special experience that happened during Sacrament Meeting.  Hermana L. had been fasting for that past day, but I didn't know for what of course.  During Sacrament Meeting, we were called out to the hallway.  There was a family of three, a man and his wife and their little baby.  The man is a member of the church, but his wife is not.  But she wants to listen to the lessons! So we got there info and made an appointment this week with them.  We sat back down and Hermana L. started to tear up a bit.  And then she told me that she had been fasting that we could find a family that wanted and was ready to take discussions.  Heavenly Father is so loving! It was such a sweet experience.

So whenever we go to people's houses, everyone thinks that I can't understand anything....which is only a little true.  I understand a good amount, and sometimes it just depends on who it talking.  But I talk with Hermana. L. all day long in Spanish, there are a couple times though that we don't understand each other.  I've been kinda sick all week long with a cold and it is awful! I am sniffing through hymns, lessons, meals, everything! But I think it is getting better.  I am just grateful that I am not sick with anything else!

So far, the food is really good, and I eat everything that they give me. We eat with a member every day of the week besides Mondays at 2:30 and then for the rest of the time it is fend for yourselves.  Some people really don't even eat breakfast and dinner.  I live off of three things; peanutbutter and nutella sandwiches, bananas, and water.  
en la calle
So I am really grateful to my little sister Amberlee, so that i have had a knowledge of My Little Pony.  Last night, we visited a less active and her family.  She has two little granddaughters that sure can talk your ear off! But it was great, because I could understand them.  And I also became there best friend because they could use their knowlegde of English on me, and they could also talk to me all about My Little Pony.

Oh! Almost forgot, I am in the area Tlaquepaque and I love it! I've heard its probably one of the best areas in the mission. Also, I am starting to see a lot more americans, this a place where a lot of people visit, especially during Christmas.  So, today was funny.  We were walking on the street and this guy starts to video tape me as we walk by. Weird!  And when we were in the center of Tlaquepaque, a guy comes up to us and starts talking in English.  It's already a little hard for me to switch, the first couple times I responded to him in Spanish.  But he is a member from North Carolina and is here for work. Cool!

Well, I think that is about it! I have a lot of pictures!! I'm sorry if I didn't get to respond to everyone's emails! I will have more time next week, I think.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Boice

Chrissa's new washer and dryer.  Don't we love Amercia!
Chrissa's apartment.
This is the best place in Tlaquepaque for ice cream! They make it all by hand.  Nutella!
Carne en su jugo con jamáica.
This was a very interesting thing to see, they started at the very top and slow descend to the
ground swinging like that.  It's a tradition here.

Lots of statues to take fun pictures with.

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