Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 13: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, But then I wake up.

Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo!!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! It was honestly really hard for me to believe that Christmas was Friday, mostly probably because it was just another hot day.  We really didn't have any work because no one was home, and no one was in the street for us to talk to.  I had the chance to talk to my family at 6:00 for 40 minutes, which honestly felt like 10 minutes! And I found myself a couple times speaking Spanglish. I think I realized why in the mission we can only do skype calls with the family twice a year.  Its kind of hard to direct your mind back to the work and not think of home. Then we went home at 7:00 and watched 17 Miracles, which was great!

Sad news!! Yezmin still hasnt been baptized yet, we keep moving her date back because she is out of town :( But hopefully this next Saturday!  Right now we have our other investigator Carmen who had a baptism date, but it fell because right now she cant attend Church because of her work.  And its super hard because she needs to keep this job.  So we have been fasting for her and we will do another fast this week with her to find out what we need to do.  

We had a really interesting experience this week.  A couple weeks ago we found a woman in the street and started talking to her.  She gave us her address and the name of her son Christian, and wanted us to visit him.  We went to their house on Saturday, and had a lesson with Christian and his parents.  We found out that the reason that she wanted us to talk with his is because he has some physical problems and has a lot of challenges in his life.  So we talked about the reason we have these desafíos y pruebas.  We also observed with just looking at their house that they are very Catholic, but it was a really good lesson and I could feel the Spirit strong.  His dad shared with us that he has had a lot of problems in his life such as drinking, but that he is strengthened by the grace of God, everything is through the grace of God.  He also shared his testimony about prayer, and how it is such a sacred thing, and how we need to meditate before we pray, and lots of other things.  But wow! It was powerful. At the end of the lesson, we also found out that we had seen the mom before, at the house of a less-active, so she knew of us before which was cool.  We are so happy to have 3 new investigators!

(All of the missionaries in my generation and their companions.)
Today we had a meeting with all of the people in my generation that are being trained.  We have a program called 12 semanas(weeks) for our training period.  Right now I am starting week 8! I am terrified that they are going to call me to train someone after my training!!! But it was super awesome today to see all of my friends from the CCM and my old companion Hermana J.! Its weird to think that I have been here for 3 months this Wednesday!!! 1\6 through my mission already!! The language is getting better and better thankfully. I have designated days that I need to answer the phone too, which is terrifying sometimes haha.

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful and happy New Year!! Its crazy to think that this next year I will be a missionary for the entire year! This is the time to set goals to be better and do better! I encourage everyone to set one or more goals for this year, personally or with family.  Maybe read the Book of Mormon a couple times, daily prayer and scripture study, monthly visits to the temple, something that will make you push yourself a bit.  We will never improve if we don't try!!

Love you all and a Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!

Hermana Boice
District has a favorite phrase 'Asi Es' and so he made us all these shirts.
(The translation is like 'That's right' 'That's how it is')

This is Hermana Olga, who is like a mom to all of the missionaries.  I promise that I am not really that tall.

Hermana J. and Hermana W.!!

Even they love the Steelers!

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