Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 16: Save Your Pesos!


Walking to Alejandrina's house before church, it was coooooold!
I feel that every week gets shorter and shorter! I have two more weeks left of training, and then they are going to set me loose. Sadly, there isn't too much to report on our investigators this week, although we do have a new baptismal date with Emilia.  She and Alondra (her daughter) have been receiving lessons for a while now. We were teaching them about repentance and baptism, and Alondra left for a couple minutes during the baptism part of the lesson, and the invitation, so the timing wasn't exactly the best...haha. But hopefully we can invite her in the next lesson.

On Thursday we had an activity with the ward.  We had started to do a mini CCM activity.  We made really cute name tags that are the same as ours, and we gave them to all the members.  We separated them into Districts and gave them companions as well.  And we did the same things that we did in the CCM (MTC). Unfortunately, we didn't have a whole lot of people show up, so I hope we can get some more members in the next activity. Earlier this day, I had accidentally left my wallet at the house and I used 7 pesos for the bus to get us to our lunch appointment, which was outside of our area.  Hermana L. was also broke, and so in total, we only had 7 pesos to our name.  So we had to walk all the way back to our area, and all the way to the church to clean it.  It felt awful to not have any money!  
Feeling rich after extra pesos!
Cleaning the church.
Its been getting pretty cold in the morning, 
so this was my outfit for personal study.

Its been getting so cold in the mornings that I need to sleep in two sets of pj's and socks, and I need to wear my pj's under my clothes during personal and companion study. Its a fashion statement, let me tell ya. :)   So we receive 1000 pesos every two weeks for food and everything, and we received our money on Friday.  I was expecting around 1,700 because of refunds for paying for the rent and water. It was a big surprise to see that I actually had 2,300 pesos in my account, which was obviously not right.  We found out that one of my refunds was paid for twice.  So tomorrow I need to pay it back to my District Leader, but I enjoyed feeling rich for a couple days.

Well, that is all for this week! Have a good week!

Hermana Boice

What we actually eat every 2 weeks.
My companion made me breakfast...healthy, right?
This is what we ate at a members house.  Its was good, but the heads were still on the body.
Its looks like its bamboo, but its caƱa (where we get sugar).  So I am really just eating plain sugar).

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