Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 15: The mission is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!


This week has been full of lots of events!  So Tuesday, we had all appointments and were busy the entire day.  I talked a little about Alejandrina, and how she is a new investigator.  We had a lesson with her about the restoration, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  She had received these lessons 4 years ago by some elders, so she already knew a bit, but at the end of the lesson I asked her if she would pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the BOM is true.  And she said that she already knows that both are true, and she knows that this is the true church.  We have a baptismal date set for the next month, the only problem is that she has a problem with smoking, but we are going to try and help her with that.

Wednesday we didn't have hardly a day at all.  We did our studies in the morning and went straight to the church to have interviews with Presidente.  We were there for 5 hours waiting.  Hermana L. and I were the last sisters, so she went in and I was left outside with 4 elders....after about 30 seconds of silence one of the elders whispered 'Áwkward......'  She was in there probably for an hour, and then it was my turn.  I think I was the shortest interview out of everyone because I was in there for 10 minutes.  In the interview we talked a little about Hermana. L. and I, and I expressed that I am sad that we wont be companions anymore after my training, because usually, after training you receive a new companion.  But he made it seem like we will be staying together! I guess we will see in three more weeks. Also, in Hermana L´s interview, she said that she confessed to Presidente that she lets me eat tacos and other food in the street, which is technically against the rules. He said 'Is she sick?' and she said no, then he said, 'That's okay, that's okay, want to know a secret?' then he whispered, 'I eat hot dogs in the street, no pasa nada! (Dont worry about it)' Haha, I love our President.

Then that night we were walking home from the only lesson we had that day.  It was super dark, so I couldn't see much on the ground.  We were coming up to a street and I saw a shadow on the ground, and I just thought it was a garbage bag.  But something told me not to step on it but go around it, and that was just as well, because it was a huge dead dog. We both realized this at the same time and ran practically screaming because we both almost stepped on a dead body. But at least it wasn't human, dead or alive.

Cocktail de camarón (Fue muy caro!!! like $4 in dollars)
On Friday I had a nice trip to the dentist, yaaaaaaaay.  I have been having some pain on some of the teeth on one side of my mouth. And I thought I would make it through the entire mission without going to the dentist.  It was kinda cool because we had to travel outside of our mission into the other Guadalajara Mission. I was honestly a tiny bit frightened of going to a dentist here, because I can barely stand it in the US.  But it was probably the nicest dentist office I had every seen, but i didn't take a picture, so you will have to take my word for it. We took an X-ray but apparently there is absolutely nothing wrong with my teeth.  The dentist dijo, 'Usted tiene mejores dientes que yo!' But I ended up spending 1,000 pesos on 'nothing' (Its less than $100, its really not as bad as it sounds).  Also a sweet tender mercy on this day, since the MTC, I have had $40 that I cant use because its not pesos.  I have been trying to find a place to change them, but have not had any luck.  After the dentist I had pretty much no money left, and so I said 'Hermana, I need to find a place to change my dollars before we leave!' We turned a corner on the street, and lo and beyond a tiny building with a big american dollar= pesos sign!

I have a bit of sad news.  Yezmin has been out of contact with us for about 2 weeks, not answering our calls, nothing. We received her message last week that she is really busy and that when she wants to talk to us, she will call us.  Well, we thought that this was pretty suspicious, so we went to her house on Saturday.  We were knocking and waiting for about 5 minutes, while her dog was barking.  This is childish of me, I know, but there is a bit of a crack in her fence (Her house is completely hidden by a fence and you can't see anything).  I saw her come out quietly, grab the dog, and pull it into the house. So that was pretty obvious that she didn't want to see us. But we called her and one of her kids answered, and came out to open the door and let us in.  Long story short, her husband doesnt want her to see us, and so we can't see her anymore.

But that is pretty much all that happened in this week. The weather is still super good, and I am so glad to not be in snow! Also, I think I am starting to get used to chili with candy.

Well, hasta la próxima semana!

Hermana Boice

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