Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Week 24:Cambios, Happy PI Days, and 1 year to go exactly!

Our last Sunday together (And Hermana L. and I matched. :)
Well, we received our cambios (exchanges) yesterday! Hermana L. now is Reforma, which is right next door to Tlaquepaque, and is my sister training leader!!!! I am so very excited for her, and I know that she is going to be amazing and help so many sisters, me included!  I am going to be staying in Tlaquepaque, and my new companion is Hermana H., she is from the same generation as Hermana L.  I am excited to have a new comp and be able to learn a lot from her.

A little bit of sad news :( Keyla and Antonio moved from our area.  They were living with Keyla's brother and mother, but things went a little bad, and now they don't want to live there anymore.  Antonio's grandpa left him his house for them to live in, but the sad thing is that not only is it not in our area, but its in the other mission.  The good news is that both of their jobs are still in our area, so we can still see them.  I hope that they can get married soon so that Keyla can be baptized. This family is truly a blessing, and I am so glad that we found them.

My new comp Hermana H.!
On this day, I officially have one more year in the mission, so I will see you all next year!  This month has been a really weird one with the weather.  It started getting really hot, and then the next day, was freeeeezing.  There was a part of Guadalajara that snowed.  It was super bad because it was so cold, and it was raining also.  Now its back to being hot. Who knows how it will be next week.

Also, another huge thanks to the Karatassos family for their Easter package! It literally made my week when I received it!!  Gracias gracias gracias!!!

And Happy PI day! Eat a pie for me, we only ate Tacos and Chapalita here!

Hermana Boice

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