Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 22: 5 Months and 5 New Investigators....

We went to eat at Keyla´s restaurant!
This weeks was awesome because on Friday, we received 5 new investigators in the morning!! But don't worry, we don't have any pride on our part, because it was completely the Lord. Usually in the mornings, we don't have lessons. We walk from plan to plan and never find the people.  We spent all of this morning talking to people in the street and knocking on doors.  I said a little prayer that I will be able to know who we need to talk to.  First, we saw a lady and her husband standing in the street, and I felt that we need to talk to them.  She told us to go across the street to her brothers house, because he likes to hear these kind of things.  So we knocked on his door, and right from the moment he was very excited to see us.  His name is Andrés, and he asked us if we can come back to teach him more.  Well, we told him that was the perfect question.  

After, I felt the need to knock on a green house in a privada.  A woman, Julia, told us that she was busy, didn't have time, and we just kept on insisting, promising blessings for her family.  She let us in and we taught her, her two girls, her mom and dad, and her nephew.  And all of them were interested to hear more.  We will be going back to teach them this week.  It is truly amazing how the Lord prepares us. Julia lived in the United States and had contact with the missionaries there, and has a Book of Mormon, and her mom Sixta went to the church many years ago. We are super excited to teach them!

A couple funny stories....well, first yesterday I ate pig skin. It was very strange, but not too bad.  We were in a bus this week and it was full of a looooot of people. We were trying to move forward and the bus started moving, so I fell backward and smacked a lady in the face. She was not very pleased to say the least.  Yesterday two men from another religion (I don't really know, but they celebrate the Sabbath day on Saturday) came and we chatted with them......well, I think it was a little stronger than just chatting.  He had some questions for us about why we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday, and wanted us to give him a scripture that says we should. There were other things, but we have an appointment with him next week, and we are preparing with our Bible knowledge!!

Hermana Boice

It was raining a bucket this day, it was amazing!!!! (5 month mark)
My first churros in Mexico! It only took me 5 months to find them!!

I want to learn how to do this when I get back home!

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