Monday, August 1, 2016

Semana (Week) 43: Pants......THEY ARE AWESOME! 10 Months in the Miss!

Finally wearing pants...
This last week was the first week that we started using our pants.  It was weird for the first 5 minutes and after, sooooo comfortable! Now we can run, and jump, and sit wherever we want, life it just easier.  But, now I look at my companion and have to do a double take, and ask," We are still missionaries, right?"  Ya, that is new.  Now all of the members think that we are being disobedient.... haha.  This last Tuesday and Wednesday, we had divisions with our sister training leaders in Tarimbaro for 2 days. I really enjoyed being in their area. I felt such a great love for the people that we taught and that I didn't know.  I kinda felt like my next transfer I will be going there. But we will see what happens.

Couple funny stories.  We were walking back to our house at night, and an investigator gave us a corn on the cob.  I was so hungry that I starting unraping it in the street while walking home.  I was about to take a big bite out of it when 2 kids stopped us to sell candy.  One kid said ¨Can you give me a bite out of your corn?¨  So I just handed it to him.  So close.......  Other day we were knocking on doors.  One opened his door and as soon as he saw us he slammed it.  Another, wewere about a centimeter away from getting eaten by a huge dog that was hidden.  And yet another,  we asked if he believed in Christ, and he said.¨'s that I am Satanic....¨ And we just left as soon as we could.

Also, we have had to leave some investigators that just were not progressing. Its really sad to do it, but its obvious that Satan is working really hard.  So we have to double our fuerzas tambien. 

Love you all!!!!!

Hermana Boice

10 months and counting....but loving it!

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