Monday, August 29, 2016

Semana (Week) 47: Cambios (transfers)! 11 Meses (months)!

This was the last week that I had in this are but best week that I have had in all of my mission! We worked our tails off every day trying to complete the goals and always work with the Spirit.  I prayed a lot that this week we could see the fruits of our labors.  Quickly came Sunday when we added up all of the numbers, and sat in amazement at what we saw.  We couldn't work one day of the week, tried to do divisions but they fell through. When we saw the numbers, it was a miracle!  We had members present in our lessons more than we have ever had, the most investigators in sacrament meeting, and more lessons in the week that I have had in all of my mission!  When we give our all, the Lord really gives us the miracles. But it really is ALL our ALL.

Right, soooo we had Transfers and we both received our transfers when President Egginton calling us. (And if he calls, then your going to be getting a real good assignment... haha) First, Hermana C. ended her training and now is going to train a new missionary in Acambaro.  And a Sister Training Leader in Zamora now.  Well, I knew that I was going to be a STL, but I had no idea that I was going to go to Zamora.  Now I am a little bit closer to Guadalajara. My new comp is Hermana C.  She was my STL when I got here in the mission with Hermana R.  She is going to be ending her mission this transfer, so I am going to be *killing* her, like I did with Hermana R.  I was so so sad to leave Acambaro!!  I have never felt such a great love for people like this ward.  They gave me time to speak in Sacrament Meeting, and I had to strive really hard not to burst into tears.  One family that we were teaching on my last day was saying goodbye to me.  The son of the mom that is about 21 years old started to give me a hug and I just about shoved him.  Its not personal, but an automatic reaction. I have no idea how its going to be when I return home...haha.

Don't really have too much info right now, because I don't even have 24 hours in my area.  Ohhh! I am soo soo sooo happy about one thing! Hermana C. told me that we don't have any cockroaches in our house!!!!!! Sing praises!!! We were so overrun with them in the old house, that I think that I would have started to have a real phobia.  But its all good, we evetated the phobia!

I'll send pics next week.  I should have a bunch by then! Whoo hoo! I complete 11 months tomorrow!

Hermana Boice

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