Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Semana (Week) 46: Let the Holy Spirit Guide.....

This week we were working really hard.  All work and no play....haha. We have received new goals from the Stake that we need to complete, like 50 lessons every week, 40 of these with a member present in the lesson.  Seriously, when we try to work as hard as we can, there is always so much opposition! For 4 weeks we needed to leave our area to Guadalajara or Morelia for 2 days, every week.  And now the members are not working a whole lot with us to accompany us.  There is always work, school, or busy.  But I have really progressed a lot in my dedication, obedience, and love to do this work.  And although it can be difficult at times, I really feel so content when we are ready to go to sleep, knowing that we worked how the Lord wants us to work.

I have felt the spirit guiding us so much in all of these lessons that we have.  Lupita is one of our investigators that is golden!  Buuuut, she cant come to church because she works on Sundays.  We had an amazing lesson with her to help her see that if she really wants to do what the Lord wants of her, she needs to show her faith and look for another job.  She wanted to stay because in December she receives extra money.  But by the Spirit, we asked her ^Do you really need this money^? and she said NO! She said that she needs God more than she needs money!  I love what the Spirit can do to people!

Well! Transfers are next week.  I am feeling two things...I feel like I am either going to stay here in Acambaro, or I am going to go to a ward in the same stake that is called Tarimbaro.  Really who knows? I could go to the other side of the mission, but I have a feeling about these two.  I will let you all know next week when I find out!!

Les Amo Mucho!!!
Hermana Boice

PS. If I am going to go to another area, I will be really said to leave the bread from Acambaro. I love it so much!!!!

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