Monday, August 15, 2016

Semana (Week) 45: Daily Miracles!!

The best zone in the world!
Wow, lots and lots of things have happened this week! We had to go to Guadalajara on Wednesday, because I had to sign for my visa.....which means I almost have a year in the misson 😨.  We got a little lost heading to the office and we started to hed back to our area a little late.  So we had to stay in Morelia, which was a good thing, because little did we know that I was invited to a Conference for District Leaders and Future Sister Training Leaders in the morning in Morelia, plus we had another meeting with the AP´s after.  Remember when I was in divisions about a month ago?  While I worked in this area, I felt like I was going to be going there the next transfer.  Well, its an area for only Sister Training Leaders and I just got invited to a meeting for the Future STL´s.......hmmmmm, interesting.....

This week I was studing Alma 13:3. 
"Y ésta es la manera conforme a la cual fueron ordenados, habiendo sido llamados y preparados desde la fundacion del mundo de acuerdo con la presciencia de Dios, por causa de su fe excepcional y buenas obras, habiéndoseles concedido primeramente escoger el bien o el mal, por lo que habiendo escogido el bien y ejecido una fe sumamente grande, son llamados con un santo llamaminto si con ese sandto llamamiento que con una redencion preparatoria y de conformidad con ella, se dispuso para tales seres. "

It's talking about the plan of salvation, but I have been also able to apply it to me as a missionary.  I know that my decision to serve a mission wasn't just a random decision that I made here.  I know that since before the world was, we chose our lives and what we would do, what we would endure.  I know that I had made the decision to serve a mission beforehand and I was prepared to serve one, with things that I have experienced thus far in my life.

I have begun to see some really awesome changes in my mission.  I feel like I am starting to see little miracles every day.  Like in lessons when the spirit prompts me or my companion to say or ask something, and the other receives the same revelation.  I feel the spirit so much stronger in the lessons and I really do feel guided by the spirit in what to say and do.  I have felt my testimony grow so much more through the lessons we teach and feel greater charity for all of the people.  I have also seen so many changes in myself.  I feel so much more motivated to work as hard as we can.  I feel the desire to be strictly obedient in all things.  I really love what the mission is doing to me! :)

I am so so so happy, because I am starting to see the fruit of my labors.  In the past 3 weeks, there have been 3 baptisms in Tlaquepaque, my old area, and all of them were people that I found with my companions, like Keyla!! She just got baptized this last week.  I really can't describe the joy that I feel for them.  To me, it doesn't even matter that they are not ¨my converts¨, but I am so grateful the other missionary´s were about to help them take this step. SO HAPPY!!!!

I don't even have any more words to say, because I'm so happy! :D

Love you all!
Hermana Boice

A little craft that I have been working on for a while for my District. 

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