Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Semana (Week) 44: The Miracles of Hard Work!

For the week I was studying Mosiah 24:15:

"Y aconteció que las cargas que se imponían sobre Alma y sus hermanos fueron aliviados, si , el Señor los fortaleció de modo que pudieron soportar sus cargas con facilidad y se sometieron alegre y pacientemente a toda la voluntad del Señor".

I love this scripture because we can apply it a lot to ourselves.  When we have our burdens, the Lord can strengthen us so that they are light and we don't feel them.  He will never take them away, like sometimes we want him to do, but he will give us the strength

we need to overcome them if we ask.  

This week was probably one of the best weeks I have ever had on my mission.  We made the goal as a companionship to work with everything that we had and as hard as we could to complete the Stakes' goals of 50 lessons every week.  Even though we tried as hard as we could, a lot of the members canceled the divisions we planned or we didn't even have members present in our lessons.  We were literally calling everyone that we could. But, at the end of the week, we achieved 30 lessons in the week with only 5 hours that we did divisions on one day.  The other two weeks we were having around 17 or 19.  Even though its not 50, we know that we can improve and eventually achieve it, or if not, the highest that we can.  And the Lord has really helped us!  When we put in our part and our effort, he takes care of everything else that we cant. Something that I have begun to comprehend more and more in the mission.

Yesterday, was probably the most spiritual day that I have had in all of my mission.  I felt the spirit so much during church that I was dead tired crawling into my bed last night.  We went to pick up two investigators to go to church in the morning.  Maria is Catholic, knows that the church is true, but doesn't want to leave her habits.  Yesterday was the first time she has gone to church and went up and bore her testimony in front of everyone that she knows that its true, that she feels such a peace and love in her heart!  Areli told us the day before that she also prayed to know if the church is true.  She had such a beautiful special experience and felt such a great love and peace in her heart.  While she was listening to the testimony's, she began to cry, feeling the spirit so strong.  I also cried myself, which really hasn't happened much on the mission.  I felt the spirit so so strong and I couldn't hold back my tears.  I am so grateful for my God, and for the priceless opportunity that I have here.  

With lots of love,
Hermana Boice

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