Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Semana (Final Week) 75: A Part of Me Will Always Stay Here in Mexico......That's My Appendix

Still smiling even when scared or in pain!  What SUNSHINE!
Would have never imagined this is how I am going to end my last weeks here in the mission....

First Friday-Monday-- Starting to feel a bit of pain in my lower right abdomen.

Tuesday--Well, hey! lets go to the doctor to just see whats going on there! Doctor said to go to other place to get a ultrasound.  

Wednesday--Ate at 8:00am then we went to get the ultrasound.  At 3, we went to the hospital again to the Doc. Doc says, "Looks like it might be your appendix, We are going to hospitalize you!" So I'm hospitalized, needles being poked, a CAT scan, dying of hunger, because we didn't eat since the morning.  The Surgeon comes and says, "We are going to Operate in 30 min!" And I said, " okay"....30 minutes later, they rolled me to the surgery room, injected me, and I remember the last thing I asked was, "Did you inject chili in my arm? That hurts!"  Then I woke up at 11:30 as they finished everything, rolled me to my room, and from 12am-8am I was awake EVERY SINGLE SECOND with pain, and not being able to move myself at all.
Visit with President Egginton and Bro Anderson.

Thursday--President Egginton came to visit me in the hospital to see how I was, he took a couple pics. The Doc came to tell me that they were going to feed me at 4:00. I was sooo excited by 4:00, and all I ate was a small jello and a cup of herbal tea in 32 hours.  All day we just sat in the room, and my comp talked about her life story.

Friday-- Waiting, waiting, and waiting until 3:00 that we were able to leave.
And since then we've been in the house, me laying in my bed, sitting in my bed, then walking Veeeeerrryyyyy sllllloooooowwwwlllly to my desk, eating, then repeating the process like 3 times every day. The Doctor told me that I had to have at least one full week of rest, without doing anything.  Very interesting that they day that I complete one week is the day that I need to travel with all my luggage to Guadalajara.  

It's a bit disappointing, because I am not able to leave the house, or work at all. And that is how my mission ends! Not ideal, but I know that the Lord truly prepared everything so that this day I would need surgery, but everything has worked out around it. When we didn't have money to pay, magically we found what we needed, and I know that the Lord's hand has been in everything.  Maybe not how I wanted to end my last two weeks as a missionary, but I am glad that I was able to work hard before, so that I wouldn't have any regrets now that I am not able to do anything.

I can't explain how I feel.  The time just hasn't been enough, but I am So Very Grateful for this time that I have had to serve as a missionary.  I can never say that serving this mission was a sacrifice for me, because I have received so much from my Heavenly Father. I Know that this is the only true Church in all the face of the earth.  I have received testimony after testimony of it, and the Spirit has been at my side every moment for 18 months. I Love this Gospel, and I Know that only the True Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us True Joy.  I am a Witness that Heavenly Father Lives, and Jesus Christ Lives, and that they Walk with us, and Their Hands our in every aspect of our lives. I share these things, with all of your, In the Sacred Name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

Hermana Boice

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